No light at end of tunnel...yet!

how long does it take for madopar to work effectively and at what dosage? I am currently on 3x 125 mg a day but it is having absolutely no effect. I have only been on this dosage about 3 weeks but I thought it should be having some positive effect, but zilch nothing. Should I persevere or look for a different med? I was far better off without it. So my question is can things get worse before they get better? I am even wondering if I have PD at all because I am not responding to the treatment? all advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi boomerang i was on sinemet for 18months no difference to my symptoms still got tremor no relief what so ever come off meds now feel miles better i noticed my meds made me tired at around 9pm now got more energy no side effects it also takes levodopa 7.5hrs to leave your body ime feeling great no more tingling in my hand thats gone my parkinsons nurse all for me coming off meds

i discovered that the levodopa medications were blocked by protein consumption. I am now much more careful about what and when i eat and the timing of dosing. Stalevo is working well for me, better than Sinimet

Maybe I should look into that. Thanks for advice.