No motivation

Hi all

Just wondering, do any of you (PWP) find yourself lacking motivation?

Definitely. I used go have so much get up and go but now everything seems such an effort. I’m only just over 2 years into my diagnosis I just hope it doesn’t get worse.

Yup, I only get a little motivated just before I get to see a Health Care Professional of some kind, and as these are few and far between, I spend most of the year totally demotivated.

Yes, I struggle with motivation around exercise and self care. I get so frustrated with myself. I’d be interested in more support around this. There’s so much help out there for people with PD so i guess i just need to stop thinking and take the action but its hard wen you are fatigued and coping with pain. I get some motivation from Facebook groups and have joined some zoom session on

It is difficult. I think we all struggle because apathy is a symptom of PD, but we must overcome it to stay active.

Something that has been very important for me is gaining inspiration from other PDPs who are positive in their approach to their illness. My PD exercise class has introduced me to several inspirational PDPs and I am very grateful to know them.

I also throw money at the problem. Lucky me, because I have the cash and I know that many PDPs do not. But if you can afford it, a smart watch or fitness monitor such as a Fitbit will help a lot. I use a Smart Watch, which is kind of top of the range, but you get what you pay for.

In 2018 I treated myself to a fortnight at the European Parkinson’s Therapy Centre in Italy. It made a huge difference for me. I was moving so well when I came home that my neighbours thought I’d got a ‘miracle cure’. I’m still feeling the benefits now and if it wasn’t for Covid I’d be going back this autumn.

Routine is important. Make exercise habitual, but so is making exercise fun. If I get really bored with one routine or activity, then I try another for a while.

Finally, it is important to be on the right meds. I can’t exercise if my meds have worn off and there are a lot of exercises that I can’t do if I have dyskinesia. It is difficult to get NHS medication reviews at the right intervals, but well worth being a squeaky wheel to avoid months of unnecessary suffering.


Yes motivation is a big problem, I’m 49 and not on any meds.

My garden is a mess and the house needs decorating. I just can’t be bothered.

I agree with the comments about fitness trackers, I have a Fitbit and it connects to the app on my iPhone. I set it at 10,500 steps a day and achieve this most days.

Thanks for your replies, I do exercise indoors but have bad back and knee so can often not do as often as I want to. Going to GP tomorrow for blood tests as may be a problem with vit B deficiency or thyroid.

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