No new posts were added during this timeframe

this might make the forum seem more vibrant
Dear rubbish,
Thanks for your message.

We have had some forum users ask whether the timeframe can be shortened and others, whether it can be extended. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can control in-house at present.

If you have other suggestions for making the forum a more vibrant, better place for users these are certainly welcome.

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Could someone please tell me what this time frame is? Are we only allowed to post during set hours, or is it a time limit during which we must complete a post?

Also, while I am on forum rules and regulations, can you tell me when a "newbie" becomes a "regular"? Is it after a certain time or after you have posted a certain number of times? Or is there some other criterion? I don't mind being a newbie, but it does put me in mind of the first form at grammar school, when you could be identified as being of the new intake as you had to have straps to hold up your school skirt.
Hi Loose Hinge,

If you click on Latest Activity you will see the forum sections listed and sometimes a section just reads "No new posts were added during this timeframe". At the top of that page is a selection of timeframes in a drop-down menu (varying from last 12 to last 48 hours). Sometimes no one posts in a section during that time period.

You are able to upload a post to the forum 24 hours a day.

People who visit the forum most days most likely go straight to Latest Activity. I don't visit every day so, after I log in, I work through the forum sections from the forum home page.

I hope this helps!
Thanks, Janine. Of course, I had realised what the "timeframe" probably related to as soon as I had posted the question. The times I do that. But thanks for confirming what it means.
Hi all,
An I right ? I seen to remember that once upon a time there were options to read.:.:..
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