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Every now and then I notice that someone raises a post that does not attract any responses. It occurred to me that this could put them off posting again especially if new to the forum. I think the most likely reason is that sometimes much as you would like to respond you simply don’t know what to say so you say nothing, other reasons could be simply not knowing anything about the issue especially if a bit niche. I wondered if perhaps the moderators could keep an eye open for these and maybe write an explanation or direct them elsewhere. We emphasise that people are not alone but if your post attracts no response that would be hard to believe. It’s just a passing thought really but is perhaps something that should at least be considered?

Hi @Tot, :wave:

Thank you for flagging this for our attention - we always welcome feedback on the forum.

I absolutely agree with your observation and as challenging as it can be to stay on top of every post, I will definitely look into your suggestion and will pass this onto our other moderators. If you happen to come across any of these types of posts (whilst you are not obligated to do this whatsoever), it would be really helpful if you could flag them for my attention going forward.

Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes,

I will certainly do this Reah, as I said I haven’t noticed many but I hate the thought that it could put people off. Thank you as ever, for your help and support

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You’re welcome, @Tot! :blue_heart:

Nice one Tot. I don’t access the forum as often as I would like and I totally agree with your thoughtful message- it’s nice to know that people are thinking about others during this pandemic


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That’s very kind Poppyseed123, thank you.