No RX- Diet and supplements only

Would love to share ideas with someone who is similar. Just visited Neurologist admits begrudgingly my symptoms are mild(er). Particularly interested in those who work on heavy metal detox.


Have you read the post by Trailerman121
He talks about a link between pd and a degreasing solvent in engineering .
I don’t know if the same applies to yourself but it maybe of interest

having a little trouble working the interface search didn’t show trailerman 121
At this point my concern is not what particular solvent or contaminant I was exposed to. It seems they are everywhere. I am trying to find the best path to avoiding heavy metals and detoxing safely.
I have (positive) experience with:
CBD oil
Dopa Mucuna
CoQ10 over 800mg pd
Strict Keto diet
Lithium Orotate
Weight bearing exercise

Symptoms improved on:
balance, foot drag, slight intermittent improvement on sense of smell, quality on sleep, forward spine tilt, pain
and at my exam the finger to nose test was perfect! No indicators of PD got worse

Was lucky enough to learn about medication induced dyskinesia so I refused any form of carbo/levo

Saw a pub med study that stated the patients that suffered “LID” were about 80% after four years
My neurologist admitted the same but didn’t find any moral conflicts with prescribing it

thanks for your time

Thanks for your reply you have obviously been studying far more than me and I’m just not as clever as you.
I don’t know how to forward trailerman121 message to you but his topic reads .pd and contact with TCE Genclene / inhibisol

I’m a complete luddite
Interface to me is the angry one I hide when I’m in a queue and someone is searching for their nectar card.
I don’t have a computer only a phone.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

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Have you tried a Mannitol and high doses of Vitamin B1. Over on healthunlocked-> Parkinson’s movement there are quite a few who have benefited from one or the other. I have taken Mannitol for 2 years with no progression of symptoms.

No I haven’t but I do remember it coming up on a blog. May I ask at what age you were diagnosed?
As far as the vitamin B- I supplemented Benfotlamine, and B12. Actually got my Neurologist to prescribe B12 injections as a neuro-protectant. Great until I had the script filled and found out it was cyanocobalamin . . .so useless. I now use a methlyb version orally. Thanks for the tip I will have to research that again. Have you heard of glutithone drips?


Sorry about the question on being diagnosed Alex. I’m new to the forum and just discovered the profile feature and your info.