No sinemet

Hi all
I collected my prescription yesterday and have had my sinemet replaced with madopar this has un nerved me some what.

There is such a delicate balance in meds and I am a bit concerned about this alternative.

Actually the pharmacy did not say anything and I was at fault for not looking either, she did explain that they would not have pramipexole in until today but never said I had an alternative.

I know this may sound a bit niave but I have read that people have reacted to even the most subtle change and I do not want and cannot afford to take this alternative if its going to bring an adverse reaction.

Is there a significant difference or even just a difference I do not have the information leaflet from my sinemet to compare the make of each medication but I will go forth and look on line.

Meanwhile any advice welcome

Hi newdidit,

The helpline is open now. Please give them a ring and ask to talk to a nurse about this as soon as possible. It would be great if you could do this before you start taking the madopar.

The number is 0808 800 0303.

In the meantime, there is some information about these two drugs in our Drug treatment of Parkinson's booklet which you can find here:


Ezinda - I hope you don't mind me adding a comment, but if this is an accurate report should not a complaint be made about the pharmacist? Generic swops are one thing but a completely different chemical compound? That's no different than writing a new prescription on the fly.

Hi turnip,
From the information here, we really don't know enough to say whether a complaint would be appropriate. There could be a legitimate reason why the pharmacist made the change.

That's why it is a good idea for newdidit to have a detailed conversation with a nurse to get to the bottom of it then she can advise on the next steps.


Hello people,
I have been unable to get my Sinemet and the pharmisist told me to phone around and get another prescription if I found a chemist with stock. My nurse said she had not heard of a shortage but there was a bit in the paper about certain drugs being sold abroad and leaving us short. I am waiting for my nurse to call back and I might have to change to another drug if I run out. Sinemet has been good for me and I dont wish to start again from scratch. Hope this is soon resolved!

Hi Newdidit
I was given Madopar instead of Sinemet when there was a shortage last year. It made some difference to the way I felt - not hugely but noticeable. So as soon as Sinemet was available again I went back to it. Mainly, Madopar made me twitchy and increased my depression. If there was another Sinemt shortage then I would be prepared to take Madopar for a short while but not permanently.

Hope you get this sorted out.

This isn't much help but we had this shortage problem and were told to ring round.
Boots had no Sinemet but gave me the emergency number for the manufacturers.
I rang and they gave me a number for the pharmacist to ring.
They keep emergency supplies and sent 2 months of Sinemet for my husband immediately.
Unfortunately I can't find the phone numbers but the PDUK helpline may have them.
Hope you get sorted out!
Good luck!

Hi Newdidit

I was given Madopar to replace Sinemet during the shortage last year. I definitely
found the Madopar was less effective for me, it slowed me down considerably.

Regards Mrtoad

Hi all

Sorry for the delay from first psoting. When I went back to the chemist with my prescription it was taken away with a full apology and replaced with the correct meds. It would appear that the regular chemist was away and and the replacement had made my prescription up wrongly.....oh dear. I had asked about a shortage of sinemet and the regular chemist said he did not think there was a shortage the manufacturers choose to send it abroad becuase they get more money for it.
This is really outrageous behaviour and I wonder how they get away with it. My Chemist spends a whole day (not sure if he said once a week or once a month) on the phone attempting to get supplies of medication not just for PD I was never aware of the troubles he has.

So thank you for your support and comments but all is well.....well this month anyway

Hello There,
I have today joined the Forum, this is my first note for you. There is a shortage of medication for Sinamet C.R. in this area of Nottingham. My local chemist had none and managed to get one box off Boots, but they were short to, so it looks a little like a year ago when there was a shortage. My local Parkinson nurse said she hadn't heard of any problems, but this has been on the news, and in the papers, so don't run out. Hope this is of help, Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this information on Sinemet. I have passed it to the helpline team who tracks reported shortages. You can find their number in the upper left-hand corner of this page.

Do keep us updated if you continue to have problems.