No sleep problems

i seem to be in the minority where problems with sleep has problem is i can sleep anytime day or night un-interupted,i take 6 mg requip 1 mg azilect both once a day and sinemet + 3 times a day this was prescribed over 1 year ago i have until now no back up nurse and my next appointment is march my tremor has never got any better in my right arm and now my jaw twitches,also my toes have started to curl this a normal progression or should i expect more from my medication

Hi cocktail mixer, Well no-one is "normal" in their progression, but for most of us I guess there would be a change in things over the course of a year or more, indicating it would be useful to up the meds. I have to say I didn't realise how much I had progressed in just six months until I went onto more drugs - and discovered all the things I didn't know I couldn't do . . . if you see what I mean. Deffo keep your eye on how you're doing over the next couple of months and make sure you ask if it's time for a re-think on meds.

Best wishes meantime


Cocktail Mixer Semele is right we all need to keep an eye on our meds  i am on 10 different types taking 22.5 tabs per day for PD hypertension ringing in my ears and vertigo and i am not even 50 yet!


Be calm stay patient & the meds will kick in.

BB xx


thanks for your replies,points taken.

Your Very welcome xx

Hello cocktail

You mentioned your toes curling, this has beeen my main problem from the start. At first I was told it was dystonia, and that sinemet would take care of it, but best not to take sinemet too soon. So I struggled on and then started sinemet and it did nothing for my feet (big improvement in other areas, but just didn't reach my tootsies). I was sent for some electrical conductivity tests and now have a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy, and it seeems there is no treatment for the sort that I have.

Some of the 'alternative' type treatments, although they will not cure, do help me to cope. E.g. soaking feet, tea tree oil or just a nice smelling water, then learn to massage your feet with creams, I can now coax my toes out flat-as soon as I stand to walk they cramp again but it helps with the build up of aches and it is very important to look after the condition of your skin inbetween your toes.