Hi I was 48 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, that was 2 years ago. I work full time and I have 2 children and married at the end of 2012.Life has been a roller coaster since my diagnosis and I would really appreciate help/ advice from anyone who feels as anxious and tired all the time as I do. Coming to terms with this illness is proving hard and if anyone can give me any suggestions as to how to cope with accepting this please do.Thank you.

Hello Nocksy

It's a lot to cope with, children and full time work and PD: two out of three of those does for me! Of course you feel anxious and tired - but super-so because of the PD. So PD makes you anxious, and you're anxious about your PD . ..

So first thing is to be kind to yourself, take a breather. Then, how helpful is your o/h? We rely on our carers, and the more you can work on this together the better. Others will be better qualified to talk about the kids. Next up, don't look too far ahead: mostly PD is slow-moving and there's no point in worrying about next year let alone next decade. Finally, how helpful is your employer? There are laws, you know! Oh, and other finally, keep exercising, you know it makes sense. And yet another finally, stay positive (i find that one the hardest. No, the exercise one).

And a further finally: keep posting. We're all In This Together.

That's enough finallys.That's also far too much advice. Ignore any of it you don't like.

Take care



Hi Semele

Thanks for your reply. It s so good to hear from you and know you really understand how I m feeling. I will take your advice on board :) My o/h is amazing and helps and reassures me, it is hard for him too although he never says. Do you think it's worth him joining the forum to talk with other carers? Do you know of any ways of dealing with the anxiety feeling? My Doc and nurse keep prescribing pills but there must be another way?

Hope you are ok and thanks again for your reply.



Hi Nocksy


I ve been diagnosed 3 1/2 years and have had anxiety as one of my main symptoms. I didn t take drugs for it as they gave me bad side effects. I tried cognitive behavioural therapy which is difficult but can be very effective and gives you a new way of looking at your situation. Might be worth asking your GP?


i would also recommend. exercise to refocus your brain and stop shaking limbs and ,I know it s hard ,but try to relax. Whatever makes you smile,laugh or feel good. I have a folder on the PC of funny jokes,stories sent to me and I revisit them often!

I wish you less anxious  

best wishes





Hi, Nocksy,

Yes, it is hard to accept a diagnosis of Parkinson's. I too am still struggling, after 2 years, with the notion that I have this so far incurable disease.

However, as already suggested by fellow-sufferers, try to stay positive and maybe take one day at a time, especially as we have no choice but make the most of our situation, in the hope that the disease progresses as slowly as possible.

Meanwhile stay in touch, as our community is always ready to listen to the concerns of others. People like Semele and Gus, for example, are always here to help.

Do take care.



Hello Nocksey

I`m carer for my husband and I do think it is worth carers joining the forum.  It is also useful for pwp to look at the carers section.  The whole forum is full of info, support and laughs.  Both you and your husband will find a ready welcome here.

Hope the anxiety lessens soon.  Just being anxious makes people feel tired without all the rest of living.

Hope you have a better day today.


Hi, Nocksy --

I thought I'd add to what the others have said.  I have had PD at least 17 years now, and people still do not guess that I have any disability.  It can move very, very slowly.  Naturally, each case is different, but you may be more fortunate than you can see right now.  Lots of us with PD are still active people.  I hike three times a week, work out at the gym twice a week, attend various social events, and can even play the piano. 

I think the best advice, as Semele said, is to accept today and not look too far ahead.  From getting this shocking diagnosis, we all learn that life plans are not really in our control.  So worry about the future is a waste of time; you may be anxious about difficulties you will never even have to face.

Exercise gives new energy and helps fight depression and anxiety.  I know it's hard to schedule for it, though, when you are working full-time.  Anyway, keep posting and reading -- this forum has been a source of comfort as well as information for many of us.

Sincere best wishes,


Hi nocksy - I was diagnosed 18 months ago and understand what you mean about being anxious - my GP is brilliant and tried me on HRT rather than anti depressants- I am a bit older than you and I must say it has helped - don't get me wrong I still have off days but it has helped enormously 

i also plug myself into my iPod and play music which has also helped mood - keep your chin up - we are all in it together,