After a seizure I have very bad nocturia involving me getting up yo urinate up to 8 times a night - needless to say this is having a very bad effect on my health. A suggestion that it is related to my Parkinsons has been made by my doctor and parkinsons nurse - even if it is theres still no answer as to how to get rid of it. HELP!

Hi Ianto,
We recommend having a look at this page of our website, regarding nocturia and sleep conditions that can sometimes arise as a result of Parkinsonā€™s medication. You can also find older forum discussions on the topic with a quick search. And of course we strongly encourage you to call our helpline at 0808 800 0303, especially when you feel you are not receiving enough help from your medical team. They are friendly and well-equipped to help in a variety of ways.
We hope youā€™ll make use of these tools, and we wish you the best of luck.
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Landonā€¦I might be off the mark here, but surely nocturia requires a well hydrated system to be a problemā€¦it may sound obvious, but eating digestives/ rice/toast etc just before bedtime would be my first line of attackā€¦giving myself something that is going to require digestive fluids to be activeā€¦depriving myself of free fluidsā€¦ā€¦after all, waking up with a bit of a thirst is not a concernšŸ˜€

THANKS - Iā€™LL give it a try tonight