Nocturnal trips to loo

does anyone else have to go to the loo every hour or so at night? Is it PD related do you think? I'm not on meds so it's not a side effect. Any ideas how to manage it? I never drink coffee/tea or beer in the evening. Have tried drinking nothing at all but still get up for loo and get thirsty too without a glass or two of water.
It stops me getting into a deep sleep and is a real pain when we go away camping!!:rolling_eyes:
Have you noticed that you getting more fluid retention duting the day . My husband and was needing the loo all night long .Since he has been taking a water tablet he is not quite as bad . I did read that the fluid you retain turns into urine and passes into the bladder when you lay down .
Hi sallymac, Hmm this can be a right pain. I too have the same problem and as I have recently been put in touch with a local support team I have been given a commode to use in the bedroom as I don't have an upstairs loo. I also have what I call 'industrial strength pads' Neither of these solutions is very elegant but they do the job. I don't think it makes any difference how much or how little you drink, and it is important to keep up your fluid intake, It's a case of 'when you got to go, you got to go!!' I hope this is of some help, that's the thing about Parky if it ain't one thing it's another!!!:wink:
hiya sallymac,as we no parkinsons is a progressive disorder and it effects our nervous system.with our bladder it is off and relaxed while it is fillin with urine,when our bladder is full the brain signals tells the bladder to turn off then relase the urine.parkinsons can cause urge to wont to wee in the is called nocturia.there is treatment to help with this,from diet to medication.if this is causin a big problem for you it may be good idea to visit gp,and be refered to a uroligist who can help with the situation.sallymac ive been dx with pd for 11 half years now,im 43 years old,it was unforunate for me,my bladder i can not control no more,and have a supa pubic catherter now.its best to get sorted and have treatment rather than keep leavin things to dwindle along and see wot happins.:smile:
I take rasagiline, sinimet + entacapone. I was having a rough patch with these taking ages to work and didn't seem to last any time. I was told I wasn't drinking enough, that you need to increase your fluids for the meds to work effectively. Because I was having urinary urgency probs I was deliberately holding back on my intake of fluid.
Also to help reduce constipation probs I had to increase fibre, and that means more fluid to help bulk it out.
I had innumerable 'incidents' day and night with urinary urgency
It was only when,due to constipation, I had a bout of urinary retention, that I saw a urology nurse who gave me one single use catheters for when and if it happens again and sheath catheters and night bags for during the night.
I'm still awoken during the night and it still needs managed (someone needs to look into kink less tubing technologies) but it beats dashing at 1mph to the loo while holding it in and trying not to fall.
Sorry I don't know what the female equivelant is, I didn't ask.
You also get leg bags for out and about, which are great. I need to beg forgiveness for my "letting go" face but it's tons better than the "cripes I'll never make it" face or the inevitable "oh dear" face.
I've also brought the grey chords back out the drawer, that's the level my confidence has grown.
The urology nurse was the only health care professional to sit down and work through a solution with me.
When my husband started needing the loo all the time at night it became very difficult for me . He cannot raise himself off the bed to get out which meant that I was awake most of the night off and on .

Only because we had a friend who had prostrate cancer and was helped by the nightingale nurses did I think maybe they could help us .

I approached our GP who has been particularly helpful to us and he got in touch with the nurses who called on us .

We now have in place all the neccessary equipment supplied on the NHS delivered to us .

It wasn't something that my husband looked forward to but he cares about me as well . Once we got used to fitting it not so easy in our case !! it has been an absolute god send .
Hello sallymac, Cowboy101 here,
My Wife`s been having disturbed nights due to an overwhelming need to visit the loo since long before she was diagnosed with Parkinson`s, she always put it down to drinking too much orange juice or even just water! When we realised Parkinson`s was involved we became aware that it was just one of the many symptons which effect so many of us in so many different ways, I`m afraid I can`t come up with a solution to your problem, except drinking as much as you feel you need prior to going to bed, as staying away from drinking anything only seems to have a negative effect! It might be near the time for you to begin some very mild medications? If you find whatever your medical expert suggests actually works it really might pay-off! Anyway, all the Best Of Luck for the Future! Cowboy and Wife.
Hi All,

The Xmastime before dx in May three years ago I developed frantic urgency day and night - felt like I needed to go all the time and the GP prescribed a course of Tolterodine Sulphate (Detrusitol) tablets and it worked very well. There is a caution against taking it with Amantadine in my pharma so as always it would have to be checked for contra-indications as regards PD meds.