Noise sensitivity

Just recently when reading, watching TV or using the computer, after a few minutes I develop a headache around mt temples and an extreme sensitivity to noise. If anyone shuts a door it feels as I have been hit on the head and the noise is really painfull. I am on sinemet 625 and pramipexole, is this a sidde effect. Does anyone else know of this problem. Dejay
For many years I have found that my hearing seems to be finer tuned than other people. I am on Sinemet Plus and Requip, even someone scraping food from a plate or washing dishes sounds like the room is crashing down around me and I have to cover my ears. When it comes to tv or radio I need it on a very low setting or have to leave the room. I thought this only applied to me!
Interesting - I've not linked noise sensitivity to Mr P but now you mention it recently I get easily "startled" (the kind where your neck disappears!!) by sudden noise and I find certain noises uncomfortable.
Not had any of the pain you describe
Makes you wonder if it's linked?
Is there a data base somewhere listing research projects?

Take care

Hi Dejay
I too have spells of sensitivity to noise,I can't be near a kettle when it's boiling ,tumble dryer drives me out the room and yes I also have to turn TV down,oh and traffic if you're outside is a real punishment.
I do have tinnitus and thought it was possibly to do with that.Does anyone find it associated with stuffy sinus?

at night time in bed,the cat and the two dogs sleep in there beds in my bedroom,the cat is always happy and purring and tj is always snoring lol,and once its in your head it drives me mad,but its funny,they sound like a zoo,lol,only joking love them really.but as far as noise is concerned,birds twittering in the garden ,traffic going past ,things like that i seem to hear loud compared to other members of my family.:smile:
Thanks all who have replied its good to know that someone else is suffering ( thats sounds wrong...) but you know what I mean. It is od because soemtimes I find I have to turn the TV up to hear it but am startles by a noise somewhere else. I ccant seem to tone the nose down by covering my ears.. strange
A few years ago i started having problems with hearing and was referred to a hearing specialist. I was diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder. To a person with CAPD the sounds of speech are muddled together because the speech processing centres of the brain are unable to distinguish one speech sound from another. Even if their hearing is normal, people with CAPD have difficulty understanding speech. The problem is especially pronounced in situations with background noise.

Sometimes people with Parkinson's brains have difficulty discerning and processing the sounds. In other words, the brain cannot hear, even as the ears are fully functional. Due to the lack of dopamine in the brain, the nerve pathways are slower and the brain cannot translate the noise quick enough so we find it difficult to hear in busy or loud areas. When i say difficult to hear i mean the sound may seem too loud and feel very uncomfortable and almost throws the brain into a scramble trying to deal with the noise so we tend to favour only one thing going on at a time and any other noise we find difficult to cope with. Obviously this can't be cured but I was referred for auditive training which i found very helpful. Sometimes the use of an hearing aid may help.

Even now when i first wake up in the morning i find it difficult to tolerate loud noises, it's as though it's too much for my ears to be dealing with. I've noticed this problem is more pronounced when i'm due to take next dose of medication.

Thanks Cutie, yes that described part of my problem, my head feels scrambles and this affects my hearing, I will speak to my PD nurse. Am seeing a neuro physio tomorrow to make sure its not a neck problem. Thanks for your reply Dejay
I've picked up earlier threads on noise. I'm only in the early stages of Parkinsons and am not on any medication. I have a great aversion to noise particularly the Dyson vacuum cleaner, cutlery being thrown back into the drawer and anything which makes me 'jump' like a car horn. Some of the posts I read wondered if it could be a side effect of their medication. As I said I'm not on any so maybe it's simply a symptom of P in some people. We had the family round for tea last night and my wife has just blitzed the house with the Dyson - I feel like my head is going to burst!!

my husband is always telling me off for banging cupboard doors and rattling about in the kitchen and to stop shouting when I think I am speaking normally . I understand that he cannot help it
Likewise Johnny.

I know I'm not banging cupboards in any way different to normal. My o/h can't bear being in noisy places. Luckily I understand it totally. I'm deaf in one ear and find excessive sounds in public places unbearable. It can even make me dizzy which I really don't understand at all and had it not been for a friend saying she had the same problem I would have been concerned.
Hi Jennie ... My mother and father both wore hearing aids and my mother in particular would jump and hold her ears and complain that the noise would hurt her . I didn't understand at that time until the doctor explained to me that it did hurt . I am determined that I will support my husband and whenever we come across another problem I search for the answer. so far I have succeeded just hope it continues

I daresay I do raise my voice sometimes because I have to repeat myself so often and I am only human lol He understands that though . We work it through together .
Yesterday afternoon I went out for dinner with family and friends. I enjoyed myself, however, one thing let it down -- MY ABILITY TO HEAR IN GROUP CONVERSATION!

I was fine when talking one to one, however, as soon as I joined in group chat and there was quite a bit of background noise, words became completely jumbled up. I was also wearing off and due for meds. I must of said pardon...well I don't know how many times. I could feel my anxiety levels esculating along with the frustration. I took my meds, had a little walk round (if I hadn't I think my brother-in-law would of thought I was playing footsie under the table lol) and about half an hour later I was able to join in without any problems.


I have always had exceptional hearing but I suffer from Noise Aggrevated Migraine, a bang, child screaming, balloon bursting and sudden pain on forehead and instant migraine.maybe something to look at because you can get meds for migraine to help.