Noises in head


I'm a 72 year old diagnosed with Parkinsons 1 year ago.  Apart from what appears to be common symptoms I also have a problem with music constantly (or at least for a lot of the time) going through my head. Doctors etc don't seem to take this very seriously and I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this. I don't necessarily have to hear music playing for it to occur, even wakes me in the night sometimes.

Hi coping ok

sounds similar to what I sometimes get I call it a mind worm lol

I have even been known to try and turn the raidio of when it gets to annoying , I then realise it's in my head and recite hickory dickory dock in my head and that will normally stop it for a while , though sometimes I end up with that going round in my head instead lol that's a pain !

Im 58 ish dx pd 18 months dx Lewy body 6 months but still find life hilarious ,use to be an hgv mechanic but alas no more as nobody seems to want someone with shaky hands and a poor memory fixing the brakes and steering on a 44 ton truck!

  Anyway live well and always smile " it makes people wonder what you've been up to "   



somehow comforting to know it's not just me going mad!

Yep it's always nice to know that some of the more bizarre symptoms are not unique to yourself , trouble is though the way of dealing with them usually is, what works for one person may not work for anyone else !

  Live well. Cc


In convo with someone i know fishing they told me a relative with PD could constantly hear music at one point and always the same tune while awake even if there was no source for it, they did get rid of it somehow but they found it very annoying.

Hi sea angler 

 yep audio hallucinations can be very annoying and tiring as you are constantly trying to block them out, I find generally the music I hear is not the sort I would chose to listen to so its hard to ignore it , it tends for me to be the irritating sort you get in shops or jingly twee Christmas tunes ! 

Live well. Cc


yes they told me it became very tiring for them, i just wish i could remember what cured it for them if i see them again i'll be sure to ask.

Thank  for the responses. I told a neurology consultant who told me to 'enjoy it' !!!! Speaking to my GP and Parkinsons nurse didn't help either.  Life is still good though, think it's important to stay active and involved with interests, I like to paint and find that takes me into another world. I continue to be grateful for what I can do and have a happy life, I hope the same applies to you nice people who have replied.  Stay well.