Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation improves gait

Phase 2 clinical trials have started on using non-invasive stimulation of the spinal cord to improve PD symptoms - improvements in gait have been demonstrated that have not yet been achieved by any available medications -

Non-invasive spinal cord stimulation in Parkinson’s disease | VJNeurology

I was diagnosed with PD in 2016.
By August 2021, I was feeling awful and my arm tremour was making life impossible to do most things, as I am the full time Carer for my husband who has Alzhimers, I was starting to think that it was time to be thinking about Care Homes. It had been over two years since I had been able to see/talk to my PD consultant and if I managed to be granted a telephone appointment with the PD nurse, all that happened was my Sinemet was increased.
One day in August, I forgot to take one of my doses of Sinemet, by the time the next dose was due I notice that my arm tremours had lessened.
Over the next few days I kept a check, by trying to draw a straight line just before I took a dose and again one hour after taking the dose. The results amazed me, the Sinemet was making the tremours worse.
I reduced the Sinemet by one tablet per day for the next month. Over the next four months I reduced my Sinemet from 8 Tablets per day to 4, my mood and depression lifted; I had a lot more energy and motivation; my brain fog disappeared; but even though they had reduced, I still had some arm tremours making cooking and eating difficult. During these four months I did a lot of research into what non invasive treatments were out there. I tried osteopathy, reflexology, acupunture and massage. I noted that in some countries there were products for Non-invasive spinal stimulation.
About 20 years ago I had trained in Medical Bio-Stimulation and still had the equipment. Over the next weeks I did a lot of trialling of different programmes and the placing of the pads . Now with a 45 minute treatment every day (usually of an evening whilst watching TV), the tremours have virtually disappear and my walking/balance has improved greatly to the point other people are commenting on the difference and I am now able to do water colour painting again.
I place the pads on my neck, lower spine and under arms (between arm pit and elbow), turning the stimulation up until my hands gently tingle. I use the Spasticity Relief programme.
Although reduce, I was still getting night twitches in my legs until I discovered Pernation gel (made from green lipped mussels). I have found that a small amount spead over my legs at bed time
stops the twitches.
These have non-invasive treatments are working for me, I cannot say they they will work of others with PD.

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This is very interesting SheilaW - can you please let us know what the equipment is that you are using and where it is available from? Thanks