None motor symptoms and medication

Hi to all you lovely people who always give me such good advice as you know my Husband was only diagnosed Dec 2011 so on a huge learning curve.I wonder if any of you think as I do that the none motor symptoms are far worse than motor symptoms because they cause so many problems with every day life I have watched the Man I love who was cool calm and very intelligent and a great communicator lose all those
things and lose all confidence .And this is the first time I am going to admit that I am terrified of what is to come. He has been taking med's for over a year and is so paranoid about taking them we have tried so many ways but they always go wrong and we start all over again.He is taking Sinemet 25mg 4 times a day and was also taking Citalopram as his symptoms have got worse in terms of cognitive impairment and memory he also has REM sleep disorder so night times are very lively . We saw our lovely Consultant last week he thought it would be a good idea to start him on Quitiapine 25mg and stop the Citalopram and added Clonazepam so last Friday night took the first Clonazepam and within 10 mins was completely sedated it took all i could do to get him into bed we spoke about it the next day and he said I will take one more tonight and if it has the same affect then no more of those. so no more taken but I have noticed that the Quitipine also have a similar efect so last night I suggested he take it just before bed and we had the best nights sleep for ages.So feeling a lot better this morning and what happens he took one first thing and is now sound asleep.So I guess we will have another bad night.Sorry to go on I think what I am asking you is do you think any of these meds work and do they make much diffarence to the none motor symptoms or are they just putting more chemicals in to a brain that is in enough going wrong to start with. I also am very unhappy about the way we are still not hearing enough about this side of Parkinsons how do you raise public awareness when you only tell half the story.with many thanks Tupp's
Hello Tupps. My husband has been diagnosed for 4 years and it is indeed a learning curve. Especially as PD does not have a script to keep to and veers all over the place. He is on sinemet and it is a great help. I can relate to the disturbed sleep, it has been a huge problem here. After being reluctant to take Clonazapam 500 mcg,he now takes one immediately before going to bed, in his words, it has made a huge difference to his sleep.
He does not enact his dreams, causing injury to himself, and potentially to me, he has a good sleep with normal dreams.
The only thing is that having a beer seems to interfere with the Clonazapam and he had a bad night.
I am sure you will find this forum a great help. flo