Nordic pole walking

HI does any one use Nordic poles been recommend by my nero & pd movement specialist , i wonder if pduk shop would be interested in designing them like they have done with there walking stick which is great people move out the way as they have parkinsons wrote on them ! be interesting what feedback we get ! You can you tube it to have alook.


Hi Gus

I believe someone a little while back posted something about nordic walking and how good it was, I was going to try it but never got round to it as usual. Let me know how you get on if you manage to reach that goal, it's like palates, never got round to trying that either!

Good luck - Sheffy

Cheers sheffy think might give it go after my holiday you can buy poles on ebay cheap


Hi Gus

Found that post about nordic walking! It was posted on 8th November 2014 by Faith, she seemed to think it was very beneficial.......


Hi Gus

I have tried walking with poles. Good in that they improve posture & help ones momentum generally. But, I found with a dog lead in one hand and picking up dog poo on most walks they got in the way. Now, just have imaginary poles -  try to use a sort of powerwalk-arms-pumping-action to get me along. Fortunately not too many people around where I walk, only the dog to see me looking loony and he's used to it!


Hi All,


I have used Nordic Poles since just after diagnosis six years ago.  I had no information from my neuro and di not see a Parkinson nurse for months but was sure the right exercise would so googled, discovered Nordic Walking good for neurological conditions such as PD and MS and was lucky enough to find a group where the instructor's father had young onset PD and he had some success with PWP's already.  Unfortunately most groups go too fast for me now but my poles enable me to continue walking with ramblers groups 4/5 miles which I couldn't do without them.  It giives the upper body a work out,, makes you stand upright, exercises the spine and lengthens the stride.  Some local authorities run courses. 

cheers all for your comments

Hi Gus,

I've checked with our Shop. We have a generic walking pole set as part of our Christmas range, if this is a success we'll look at expanding the range to include a Nordic walking pole in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Best wishes,
Digital Team

thanks alethea , it just helps the writing on them as people understand a bit better and also gets the word outmakes people more intrested about pd thanks .i will have a look you had to mention christmas  lol