Nordic walking

I was referred to my local Nordic walking group in Barnsley by my Parkinson’s nurse and I am getting some benefits to my mobility through walking this way.

If you live close to Barnsley and Penistone, and you want to, have a go to see if you find it may help.

Has anyone seen if it helps with improving your mobility?

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This looks interesting. I’ve seem people with two sticks at the National Trust property we visit every week for our walk.

I’m not sure if it would work with my hands though. I can’t close my fingers to grip things. Also, Postural Instability means I might need a firmer thing to hold on to. (I usually hold onto another person).

I have been very recently diagnosed – shock horror! (But I’m getting on with it and so far so good). Really looking forward to joining a local group and meeting a Parkinson nurse. The charity, Parkinson’s UK have been great so far.
I am very interested in having a go at Nordic walking – it looks like a cross trainer type of exercise, which I feel both my arms and legs need. I live in the Bordon area in Hampshire, if there is anyone out there near me, who would like to walk with me?

I recommend that you speak to your Parkinson’s nurse. Mine referred me to my local group.
It’s well worth investigating if you have one in your area that way.

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I would definitely recommend Nordic walking. I have been diagnosed nearly 20 years now.
I started Nordic walking about 5-6 years ago. It made my general stamina better, my PD symptoms lessen, mood lifted, walking in open air with friends , then had to have knee surgery and other unrelated health issues and then lockdowns meant no walking group.
I havent been able to get back to that fitness since but still walk much better with poles .
poles better than conventional walking stick as maintain upright posture better
Definitely worth giving a go

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