Nordic walking

Hi all. I've found myself becoming 'down in the dumps'-(Northern term for fed up!) recently and so decided to give Nordic walking a go in order to boost my wellbeing. I did a taster session today but have to say I'll be back. It was great to be outdoors for one thing and also refreshing just to be with different people. Observing those trained folks made the activity look easy but as with all sports there is a tricky technique to master. I found the required co-ordination very tricky at first and it took all my brain power to get my arms and legs syncronised. Swinging my arms from the shoulder I also found challenging, as with my PD I have very limited natural arm swing on one side, but I persevered and gave it my best. I found it really enjoyable and I'm hoping Nordic walking will be a new adventure with many health benefits. Try it :)



Hi Faith,

I'd thought about trying that nordic walking, see if it would help with my posture and mobility, what with my legs feeling quite stiff anything is worth a try! It would help I should imagine to get into a good walking rythmn instead of trailing two steps behind my OH!


Hi All. The Nordic walking is going well and I'm nearly through the training. I hope to be able to go out on walks with more experienced folks soon and become better at it myself. Day to day I now seem to be developing a new Parkinson symptom which is effecting my posture. The Nordic walking is brilliant for stretching out the back in a gentle fashion and I seem to walk much more erect, for a while, after a session. However, I'm so tired after a day at work I seem to need sleep as soon as I get home and then there's little time left for excercise-and it is dark of course. Somehow I need to find a way to do some daily excercise and not just do it at the weekend! Any creative ideas anyone?

Have you ever considered Conductive Education ?


Have you tried the good old fashioned exercise bike? It helps me to keep my legs working and to hell with the weather outside!

Hi crofty I am about to buy an exercise bike . I thought a treadmill at first but physio said exercise bike would be best .can you recommend any in particular ? My main problem is weak painful right leg . Have just finished work - like you work full time . Leg worse by end of week ! Need to improve strength in this leg . 

Hi Maddison , my bike is nice and solid and cost£149.99 from "the sports HQ" and is called Confidence Pro spin bike. You have to screw it together but it's not difficult.There are cheaper bikes but you only get what you pay for.did you get a formal diagnosis?

Hi crofty thanks for message .will look into it . Yes dat scan showed reduced dopamine left side accounting for right sided problems . Some loss in right side too but no problems with left side . My main problem is painful weak right leg . Seeing neuro end of feb and can't wait to speak to him as this pain is getting me down . Painkillers don't help . Taking azilect only since sep and this has helped but think I need something else . I keep reading posts where people say don't delay taking the meds it's of no benefit . I feel I am struggling on sometimes . I'm trying to work full time . I've got my own business . Sometimes I feel like I can't cope with it . 

Having problems posting this  . Perhaps if I can get pain sorted out somewhat I will feel a lot better . Hope you are ok . 


I got myself an elliptical machine/trainer and personally find it better than a bike.  The movement is more walking-like and you get to exercise the arms too.

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hi maddison , i also have problem with l leg with pain and weakness , being seen by neuro physio since nov . pain went once was on sinemet , slowly increased to 125 mg three times aday . now only stiff when due meds . and weakness just about gone . also advised to do exercise bike as well as any other exercise i enjoyed .

hope you get sorted soon


Hi ifs and kittens . Thankyou for your messages . Glad the sinemet is working for you kittens . 

Hi Maddison

How is the nordic walking going?  I have been doing it almost every day since being diagnosed in Jan 2013.  Found i had a stress fracture in my foot this May and have just managed to get back to my regular 20 minute walk. I think it has really helped and as you say gets you out in the fresh air.  I was also put on Azilect only until this year when I was also given Sinemet 100/25. Even with a very low dose it made a big difference. Hopefully the Azilect is going to mean less Sinemet for a while. I still haven't got up to the full dose 3 times a day that the neuro suggested.  I see him again in November.  Will be interested to hear how you are going.

best regards


Where can I find more information on Nordic walking? 

How can I get involved in agroup. I live in Manchester City Centre.


Hi Cumar,

There's information about Nordic walking in Manchester here (found through Google):

Alternatively, you can get in touch with your local Parkinson's group and find out what they know about exercise groups/ classes in your area:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team).

Hi Cumar

i just followed directions on you tube and bought nordic walking poles and set off around a few blocks in our suburb gradually building up my pace. Hope you manage to give it a go as it stands you up straight and exercises our arms and legs and is supportive as well.  I think I have read that you are exercising something like 40% more.  My husband usually does it with me and at first we got lots of smiles and comments "off skiing etc" but every one is used to us now.  Good luck and best wishes.


hi Ilona

Thank you for kind response which I have just read . Not very often I get on the internet. I will access the site you have mentioned now . I shall keep you informed .

Thanks again



Hi Libby 

thank you for your encouraging message and kind wishes.

I hope to get started very soon.

Best wishes.