Norepinephrine: the next therapeutics frontier for Parkinson's disease

Tissue concentrations of norepinephrine (NE) are markedly decreased in various regions of the Parkinson's disease (PD) brain. As in the substantia nigra pars compacta, neuronal dropout and Lewy bodies are prominent changes affecting the locus coeruleus, which is the source of ascending NErgic projections. Despite the major roles of NE throughout the brain, there has been only minimal exploration of pharmacological intervention with NErgic neurotransmission. Cognitive operations, "freezing" of gait, tremor, dyskinesia, REM sleep regulation, and other aspects of brain function are tied into signaling by NE, and there is also evidence that it may have a role in the neurodegenerative process itself. This article reviews the reported pharmacological experience in PD therapeutics.
some points from this very interesting article -
dopamine is only one of the neuro trns missing
the problem starts in the Norepine area YEARS BEFORE it starts in the dopamine
some of the worst aspects - dementia, freezing, depression, dyskinesia are probably norepine rather the dopmn problems
a precursor to norepine can be given like l-dopa to possibly fix these problems.
it may have a neuroprotectivr role.

norepinephrine is also known as noradreniline

it may also be a treatment for downs syndrome
Good post, turnip. A few weeks ago I read a discovery that dopamine neurons produce more than only dopamine. It also produces the compound you just said, but also serotonine. So indeed, levodopa alone only "solves" part of the problem.
Yes!!,Whoopee!!,I see sense dawning across the forum,twice in One visit.Maybe there is hope after all.Also,check your Anti-depressant meds with Pd meds,you may find the Serotonin issue quite interesting/alarming.
All the best
mao b inhibitors stop dopamine being broken down - but dopamine needs to be broken down to make norepinephrine so does 2mg of rasagiline work less well than 1m because its gone too far and robbed norepinephrine to pay dopamine?
just a thought.