Norman Day

"You don't know any one called Norman Day who is he and where does he live." Hmm this is one of the main problems getting old presents, I have been planning a trip to the D Day Beaches of Normandy for many years, "And who is Dee Day never heard of them "??? . Yes dear ITS NORMANDY FRANCE and theD.DAY beaches
"OH well you will have to speak up I don't have my hearing aid in "as I was about
to explain plans are well advanced for our visit , the journey will be in a 7 seat S-MAX, through the pipe then west to Normandy ,staying in a rented cottage for one week,Myself Beloved ,youngest daughter ,Son in law and three Grandchildren
age 17 15 and 7, so what I would like to know, has any one visited this most Historical area and is it wheel chair friendly we are only a short distance from
the beaches at Les-veys,,,"Les who " cant you find your hearing aid dear ?
Regards fedexlike
Good morning Fed

I'm afraid I only ever went to Norman Day by boat, with my o/h in the days before Parky, so cannot help you. However I just wanted to say that, as ever, your post has lightened my day :grin: and I hope you have an enjoyable trip - not literally of course!

BTW when I say boat I mean one with sails not, heaven forfend, a motor boat.
Hello worrals thankyou for replying. I find myself in a quandary, ?"thinks
is that a large hole in the ground " nope its a quandary for sure, and its this
she who must be obeyed has implied that her opinions are not being taken into account with regard to Norman Day, bear in mind that plans are well advanced and Beloved has been included every step. Now it seems she is claustrophobic and does not like tunnels, will not venture near a ferry in case it sinks, but will fly if poss, when pointed out that the internal dimentions of the 737/57 are a great deal less than the car transporters that shuttle to and fro through one of the greatest Engineering acheivements ever, and that claustrophobia would be the last of her worries if the Aircraft was to ditch in the North Sea, she agreed but stuck to her objections, so what do I do, do I do, "sorry a little bit silliness there" wait until the great Channel Bridge is built , or wait until the next ice age so we can travel by snow cat , Solutions please to fedexlike C/O This forum
Kindest Regards fedexlike :angry:
It would be historically appropriate to go to the Normandy beaches by boat. Pick a nice flat bottomed motor boat with a ramp at the front. This would be ideal for landing a wheelchair.

More usefully you might try the tripadvisor website to see if there are any reviews or comments about the wheelchair friendliness of northern France.

The channel bridge isn't quite as silly as you might think. There is a pretty impressive one between Denmark and Sweden and an even bigger one in the middle of Denmark.

Whichever way you go I hope you enjoy

What a Elegant screen name Elegant Fowl, if you ever visit the Northern Lakes in Italy, the Islands in Lake Maggiore have a population of Elegant Fowl,must see.
The flat bottom boat is definitely a nonoNO I can almost hear the panic in her voice :grin:but thanks for the suggestion,anyway she is happy to go through the Pipe, I explained that its only 35mins and went on you tube so she could see for herself, some mischievous person had told her it was 3hrs 5mins I am pretty sure I know this individual, and shall remonstrate at length with him no names but the Anagram LAWSONIN should give a clue. Also thankyou for the E
Address I shall persue that Avenue.
Kindest Regards fedexlike:grin: