NORTHERN IRELAND - Did you kknow tthat there is a serioui lack of speciIiallists in PD - lwaiting 2 yrs

sorry - - I should have known - posts on a Forum would be too much for me - IT experts only . I just wanted to make patients iin NII aware thjat there are - very few qualified neurologists - = waiting lists at least 2 mths - Private patients and over a year NHS.
What iis worse is that very few general neurologists will touch Parklinsons I want to speak with a specialist
privately but no one will help and my Gp admits that he knows nothing about PD at all


i vately

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I’m really sorry for what you are going through , I live in the uk I fully understand your frustration we live in a small village in Lincolnshire our local hospital no longer has s neurology department and I’m sure like many other places over the Uk we have to travel to a city for my husbands neurology appointments sometimes he’s been sat waiting for hours as they are very busy so have limited time and then the understanding from our local gps is very limited and the availability of help is practically nil. It does seem very unfair that the help care and finances are not available anywhere and it’s so frustrating when all you want is help! I really hope that you get help soon take care and I know it’s not easy but try to keep your chin up!

Hi Roseleen
Waiting that long must be very frustrating and to think I thought six months was outrageous you have my sincere sympathy if that’s the right word to use .
I’ve absolutely no idea what I would do in your position.
Please don’t stop posting as no way is it a mistake or do you have to any kind of expert
we are all the same on here and only post for someone to talk to which helps a little.
You made your point very clearly so no more talk of mistakes please and keep in touch because we on the forum will always be here to listen and learn especially about access to neurologists in your part of the country I had no idea.
can you contact pd UK helpline and check with them if there is any help for you there?
Good luck friend Tommy.

hello been there got the t shirt , always was a shortage probably always will be , it will cost you approx 200 for a private appointment in ballykelly or other private establishment , what area of ni a are you in in my case few yrs ago gp referral mid dec consultation early jan
i have my opinions n the process but not for public forum pm me if i can help further.

Thank you 12.12.12.
For replying to rosaleen as I although wanted to help it requires someone of your experiences in NI health services to guide her forward I hope she follows your advice and sends you a pm .
I was I maybe you could pm her as she is unfamiliar with the forum.
Thanks again

hi T1 where has the pm button gone

Hi 12.12.12.
If you press on her B logo at the top left of the post a box should come up and at the bottom of the box there should be a blue line with an envelope on .
Press that , put in a title then move to the message box.

thanks guess what I found 10 seconds after asking you where’s the pm button
an i am an ex ~IT manager its late lol

I’m a complete luddite
someone was asking me about interface earlier I don’t even have a computer only my phone .
I said an interface to me is the face I hide when I’m standing shaking in a queue and someone is searching for their nectar card.
Thanks for your help
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Hello no problem at all

it’s a bit later/ earlier , in the morning grey matter works better if I can get to sleep
funny I just tuned in to radio parkies and

I couldn’t couldn’t believe my ears the song was played with
bend Me Shape Me anyway you want me .1963 i thhink
amen corner

PD can do that alright

Hi @bur,

I’m sorry that this has been your experience with the NHS, I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you.

As a charity we do our best to provide information and support to anyone affected by Parkinson’s via our team of Parkinson’s Local Advisers and our confidential helpline.

If you’d like to speak to a Parkinson’s Local Adviser in your area please call our Norther Ireland Service Manager Patricia Jordan on 0344 225 3682 or email [email protected].

Our helpline 0800 800 0303 is available Monday-Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am-2pm - one of our advisers can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to give you a call you back within 24 hours.

I hope this information useful.

Best wishes,

I also live in NI. I waited 2 and a half years for Neurology appointment, who confirmed what I already believed. I expected medication but he feels waiting is best . He seemed to be trying to be optimistic but maybe that is what they do in a bleak situation.So here I am trying to educate myself and waiting for Parkinson’s Nurse appointment and review in 6 months, I’ll be lucky if I see either in a year. Parkinson’s is not regarded as urgent so it seems to be ok to wait forever. When I get to the point of meds ( not looking forward to that) I think it would be extremely hard to manage with infrequent follow up and when GP has little knowledge or interest.

BTW, finding this forum has been great, found answers to lots of my questions and seen that everyone 's story is different but somehow we’re all the same , just muddling through.



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