Not covered by the dailly Madopar 250 dosage

Mom takes Madopar 250 four times a day, at 8am-12am-4pm-20pm. The problem is that she feels always uncomfortable through the last 30 minutes of the four hour cycle a tablet lasts and that sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night and suffers being out of the medicine's cycle.

How could things become easier for her? I have been reading about madopar hbs 125. Could this incorporated to her daily treatment so that she gets longer periods of ease?

Thank you.


I'm not familiar with "hbs"

I do take a over night Madopar CR which has helped immensely.

And with luck i should be issued Entacapone on trial ( too see if i tolerate it )too lengthen the dose of daily madopar  which is roughly the same are your Mom's 8am 12pm 4pm 8pm 62.5 x3

Your Mom might benefit from the same.

yeh i agree with sea angler i take sinemet 250mg cr slow release they work through the night cycle of about 12hrs.Ask pd nurse or gp

Providing that my mom has been prescribed with 250mg Madopar tablets, would be a capsule of 125mg Madopar HBS be enough during the night? 


your best discussing it with your moms pd nurse/neuro Nikos it wouldnt be right for us to tell you which dose too use.