Not diagnosed but worrying symptoms - any experience greatly appreciated


I’m a 26 y/o male who has been having some very disturbing neurological symptoms. The worst symptom is my resting tremor / finger twitching. Had several visits to the GP and neurologist with a clear MRI. Neurologist says too young to be Parkinson’s. tremor and internal vibrating/shaking getting worse. Also numbness and pins and needles in hands during the night, pressure/lightheadedness, just a general feeling something is up with my brain; and a stiffness in my right leg which is changing my walking style. Any help or experience greatly appreciated


I think you should be speaking with your doctor .
As your imagination can go wild.
I was diagnosed 5 years ago and only went to doctors as could not stop shaking. She knew right away what it was.

Sorry not much help.


Hi, I had a similar experience when I saw a neurologist, but because my brother had pd already, I was sent for a dat scan which did show clearly that I had pd. You need to go back to your GP and explain how your current situation is making you feel. Worrying can make you feel ill and if you do have pd it won’t help your condition. I wish you well.


Agree with C1, have it further checked out probably with a DATSCAN. I had the all clear through an MRI , but a PETSCAN revealed low activity in my Cerebellum.


Hi I have to be honest and say find yourself a different neurologist, as clearly the one you are seeing is of the mindset that Parkinson’s is a disease only for the elderly, and to be honest if he/she is ruling out Parkinson’s due to your age try asking him/her what age Michael J Fox was diagnosed at (30). I really hope you don’t have it of course but you do describe some worrying signs, so go back and ask your for a referral to a different neurologist who is perhaps a little more open minded and not so dismissive of your concerns