Not diagnosed

Great website and thanks in advance.
You go with the flow with the hostpital appointment and I should have asked more questions at the time. :rolling_eyes:This was a few weeks ago.
My neurologist has recommended Sinemet. She mentioned a possible lack of dopamine and wanted me to start on Sinemet three times a day.
This was unexpected as Parkinson's wasn't mentioned but when I researched Sinemet everything relates to the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Hmm.
Do you think this is a test to see how I react to the treament before a possible diagnosis?
Many thanks
Hi Spuddy,

It sounds a bit unusual, the diagnostic route usually involves ruling out other conditions and seeing what's left. My Neuro said at the start that I'd got a good selection of PD symptoms but not enough to make it a definite diagnosis. I had a selection of tests for a range of conditions including Thyroid issues and Wilsons disease.

What symptoms got you as far as the appointment with the Neuro?

Regards Tractorman.
Over the last few years I have suffered from fatigue, cramp in the hands, calves and feet, lack of strength and internal vibrations in the muscles.

I have had the full MOT to date MRI, CT, EEG, EMG, Lumbar Puncture, ECG and various blood tests.
does sound like the sinemet is more of a test rather than a treatment.
Hi spuddy, they're certainly taking a "leave no stone unturned" approach.
By the look of that list it could be that they've already ruled out a selection nasties! Hang on in there! If the Sinemet delivers some positive changes for you that will go into the diagnostic decision maker too!

Regards Tractorman.
Thanks tractorman and turnip. Together we could start a farm! :grin:

Did either of you have any pins and needles in the arm that felt like a blood pressure monitor squeezing ? Lasts for a short time then moves away.
Hi Spuddy and welcome.

Have you looked up the symptoms for hypoparathyroidism? Yours sound similar. Have they tested for it? Just a thought, as a friend of mine has it.