Not Parkinson's

I’ve been thinking that maybe what I have isn’t Parkinson’s for some time now.

So yesterday I took the opportunity to ask someone who knows - & they said no, it’s not.

Now I think I need an official 2nd diagnosis.

Hi lemon what symptoms do u have at moment

Hi Calv

I’ve got Postural Instability, and a tremor & stiffness in one hand. I’ve never had any slowness. I keep reading about the symptoms required for a diagnosis, and it seems that bradykinesia is a requirement.

“Bradykinesia means slowness of movement , and it is one of the cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s. You must have bradykinesia plus either tremor or rigidity for a Parkinson’s diagnosis to be considered.”

Bradykinesia (Slowness of Movement).

Hi lemon i only have resting tremor no other symptoms no bradykinesia ,or difficulties i had dat scan with only slight difference on part of brain when i say slight .minute, really ime convinced its something mimicking parkinsons

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Could be Parkinsonism.

Defo need a professional to check you out and see what they say.

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