Not quite sure where to begin ....

We’ve been seeing a physio for sometime now because of my husband’s poor walking (in fact shuffling) losing height etc. Physio diagnosed immediately as sarcopenia which is a muscle wasting disease but can sometimes be reversed by exercise. He’s mid 70’s. We’ve been doing lots of exercises prescribed by the physio but a fornight ago she noticed when walking he was very slow on turning. She did the finger to nose exercises with him and suggested it might be a good idea to see our GP to check out he doesn’t have Parkinson’s. He sometimes has a very slight tremor in one hand but not noticeable (except by me because I’m always looking!). Its the shuffling which is the main problem. Is the GP likely to start him on medication if she feels its Parkinson’s or is she likely to refer him on to a neurologist. Sorry this is so vague but I’m really worried now.

Hi and welcome to our forum @Bananarama. We have a very friendly and supportive community here and I’m sure they will be along to say hello and share their own experiences with you soon.

Not having a firm diagnosis creates so much uncertainty. No wonder you don’t know where to begin. I can’t imagine how worried you must be. However, you’re in the right place to get some answers.

It would be useful for you to read the page on our site at called Do I Have Parkinson’s and its subsections. The section about What to ask your GP is especially important. You’ll learn that only a specialist can diagnose Parkinson’s and your GP shouldn’t prescribe medication but will refer your husband to a specialist. If you explore the different areas on the page, you will probably feel a lot more informed.

While you’re waiting, take advantage of the knowledge on our pages and the wisdom of our forum members. You can also call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 to speak to our advisers if you need support while waiting to talk to your doctor.

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Sorry to be slow in reply Bananarama I have just caught up with your post and you may well know a bit more by now. JaniceP is absolutely right, your GP will refer your husband for specialist assessment, most likely a neurologist. The ;process for diagnosis is not always straightforward and clear cut and can be protracted in some cases and I mention this only because if it is not known this can happen it can add to the stress you will probably be feeling. Please feel free to post again on the forum if you have any questions, concerns or just want to offload your anger frustration of whatever, I do hope things get sorted out quickly, whatever the eventual diagnosis - most people find it helps to have a name for whatever is going on, it is the unknown that tends to be the most difficult issue to manage
Best wishes.