Not seeing straight

Hi everyone


I've been getting blurred vision recently with lack of focus and wondered if anyone else has experienced this.  I've been told that an optician's visit wouldn't hurt but I only had an eye test and new glasses last year so is there any point?  I think I must be sitting like a cat waits for a mouse, waiting to pounce on any new Parkinson's symptoms, I get so scared.  Do all roads lead there from now on?  I've forgotten how to go on living.


Any advice/comments would be great!  Would the P's nurse help?



Hi ,, I have been having blurred vision lately so I'm happy to be able to tell the neuro next month that I am not the only one. Ill let you know how I get on .

   Neenag x

Yes, my eyes get tired, and my night-time vision isn't great - blurry lights. A useful PDUK booklet here explains all. WE should meet up here when we've next seen an optician's.


Sounds like a good idea. Im due for eye sight check soon

 Neenag x

Soulmate...I re read your post and it seems to mean that you are struggling a little. Life does go on after PD it has to hun. We all go through some sort of grieving process and are at different stages of that process. It has taken me 3 years to come to terms with it and now I sometimes catch myself thinking Im so glad its only PD. There are some terrible illnesses out there that take lives. Depending how far along the grieving you are will depend on whether this comment is helpful or not.  Please feel free to contact me if you ever need to off load. 

My thiughts are with you love Neenag x