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Hi just to ask if anyone is expiriancing anything like my husband, he can’t sleep for long in the night and suddenly wakes up needing to get out of bed to walk around, have a drink or use the loo. Sometimes just to get back into bed, but every time he is soaking in sweat and can change his T-shirt about 7or 8 times a night on a good night. He also gets very snappy where he can’t sleep. Have anyone got any ideas as I don’t know what to do next. Thanks for any help. Annette

Hi Nettie
I too have problems with interrupted sleep but cannot return to sleep.
I’m then exhausted all day and can get very snappy.
I don’t get night sweats but my body temp can wildly change from too hot to almost the chills.

I know I’ve read that Parkinson’s can interfere with the body’s temp control system.

Does your husband have a Parkinson’s nurse he can talk to?

If not get in touch with his neurologist’s medical secretary and ask for a phone appointment or send an email to them with your concerns.

Or talk to the Parkinson’s helpline.

I’m very lucky to have a wonderful neurologist in Oxford who is very approachable.

Hope this helps

Not really of any help but my pd has interrupted my sleep in that I wake up almost exactly every 2hrs and it doesn’t matter when I go to sleep. Sometimes this will result in me being tired and irritable

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Hi, I’d have a chat with the neurologist or PD nurse about It. A change of medication might be needed?

Hi @Nettie, welcome back to the Forum :wave:

Thank you for your message. I’m really sorry to hear about your the difficulty your husband is having sleeping - I can imagine that is really tough for both of you.

We have some information and advice on our website about sleep and Parkinson’s which you may find helpful.

I can see others have already suggested contacting our helpline for further advice and we would encourage this too. The helpline is a free service, made up of trained advisers, including Parkinson’s nurses who will be able to give you more infomation and advice and answer any questions you have. Give us a call on 0808 800 0303 - we are open Mon - Fri 9am-7pm and Saturday 10am-2pm.

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I suffer from something similar myself. I wake up several times each night, soaking in sweat. Often I can’t get back to sleep. I take a Madopar 125 slow release tablet before I go to bed, but it does not solve the problem. Far more effective is taking a 62.5 dispersible in a glass of water. It will usually allow me to get back to sleep and not wake for two or three hours.

The other way I cope with it is simply to accept that I have insomnia. It has compensations. I enjoy seeing the sun come up. I set aside tasks, like the ironing, that I can do without waking my husband, listen to radio programmes, and read.

Like Jane L above one way is to accept it and do jobs,bumble about,watch or listen to programs(BBC iPlayer is good and the radio version on the web called BBC sounds has ahuge amount of stuff to listen to whilst a pkg called Stitcher connects to Podcasts.
That’s if he uses the internet and hasn’t To go to work the next day… it can be a great resource in the small hours.

Andy(aka Ojalahey)