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Hello I was diagnosed September 2015 lots of things didn't add up such as when lifting weights I gradually noticed the lack of strength in my left arm this kind of crept up on me over a 12 month period I thought id trapped a nerve again also when ever I yawned my left arm would shake I also noticed muscle wastage in my left calf  and arm  basically my left side had started to change with one thing and another I've lost about one and a half stone which is better for my heart but bad for my wardrobe I had mentioned this and my arm to different Drs but at that particular time I had other medical bits and bobs to sort out when I finally got a Dr to send me to a Neurologist he did three simple tests two seated one walking up the corridor he sat me down and told me It was a shock as I thought it was a trapped nerve I've always been a person who can laugh at myself so the only things I'm struggling with at the moment is the lack of dexterity in my left hand I try opening and closing it repeatedly my fingers lock but that aside I'm doing ok looking back we think I've had Parkinsons for over three years so its early days I've ummed and arred about joining this or any other site mainly for the same reason I haven't joined any groups I m scarred to see how I might end up if that offends any member please except my apologies I mean to go on with humour and honesty and hopefully learn something and pass something on to another user 


Hi Whippet, I was diagnosed this year but have had symptoms for a few years too. I have a bad neck and that was cocentrated on before I was sent to a neurologist. I've only started posting on the website and look on pages I find relate to me. It can be overwhelming reading about people's symptoms that are further on than you. I'm quite active with yoga, walking and tai chi. Do what you can face up to at the moment. It's alot to take in all at once. I know for me there are some classes and groups for PD that I'm not quite ready for. People are different and you have to feel comfortable. Humour definitely helps my husband and I. Even my kids joke about my shaky hand. I don't take offence as it keeps the conversation open. Good luck DivineR

Aye aye divine R your in the right place almost speak to a lady named Sheila on new to group she will keep you right posts on there are full of jokers but with a good ear for PD as we are all in the same boat good luck princess 

Ian x

Go post on new to group that's the place for you keep it simple and happy 

tooraloo. I've just saved you don't be boreing go speak to Sheila or me if you like but not the night or should I say morning happy new year by the way from the Scottish highlands  gosh I better get to ma bed ha ha !! We will be looking oot fir yor posts  

tooraloo the noo forgot to say welcome see you new to group posting station 

Good morning whippet and divine r  I got a bit too much booze Scottish new year . Anyway I came on here interrupting and telling you both where to post the one Named. New to group by.all means post your story's if you like and I for one would like that if you did  but it's not my place to tell you where to post so for that am sorry okay hope to hear more of your. Journey  

tooraloo Ian 

Thx ldj. No offence taken. I've seen some of your posts and understand your humour. My husband is Scottish too. Happy New Year to you. Let's hope there's more light shone on Parkinsons research in 2017. DivineR

Aye aye great stuff 

I was having the last of new year last night  , thank heavens back to normal now take care o yourself 

tooraloo Ian Lord o the highlands 

hi whippet, 


your symptoms sound like mine my foot turn to my side and I have not been walking with full weight on leg so have lost muscle in my right calf .  Also when out and about my right hands cramps and remains i n the cramped position!, time for hand in pocket but care is needed with this tactic if a male.!,  try to see a physio or as my mum calls them a FIZZO ! was told undermedicated dystonia worth seeing a dystonia consultant.  I wish you well .