Not sure whether I'm living as well as I can

My neurologist says I only have mild Parkinsons. I’m on 3 x 125 madopar a day, which I take at 8 a.m, which is a couple of hours after I wake up, 1 p.m and 6 p.m. The madopar usually takes about 90 min to take effect, although sometimes it does not seem to kick in at all, and then the effect lasts for a couple of hours, so I have around 6 hours a day of ‘on’ time.

But I don’t feel I am getting the most out of the medication and functioning as well as I should. I’ve met people with PD who run, play tennis, walk long distances, etc. but I can’t do any of those things. I basically get about 6 hrs or less each day when I’m not walking with a shuffle.

I do 45 mins exercise each day: I spend 5 mins on an exercise bike - which is an effort, then I do the Parkinson’s Warrior exercises, plus a couple of extra exercises shown me by physiotherapists. Then I do the Canadian XBX exercises – that’s an old exercise routine which doesn’t need any equipment, and a set of yoga stretches. I make myself do it, but it is challenging.

But I can’t swim, walk far with comfort, do vigorous housework, or garden, or basically anything that would give me some enjoyment in life. I know other PD sufferers who supposedly have worse PD than me, who swim, run etc. Should I be on more medication, or am I doing something wrong?

I can relate and not helped by everybody you speak to has a different opinion on this. I’m still experimenting and trying to understand what I can and can’t do. On the walking front, I really struggle to walk anything like normally. It really p*****s me off as I love going for walks. However I have found that using walking poles actually allow me to walk in a much better way and for long distances. Seriously try it. It gets you out in the country side, solves the exercise problem and is free.

Thanks for the suggestion of walking poles. Someone suggested these to me a while ago, but I’d forgotten.

I did try alpine walking sticks, but absolutely hated them.