Not yet the Hunchback of Notre Dame but

As PD is progressing my posture is getting worse and i am trying to avoid getting a curved /hunched back. I have tried "traditional " walking sticks ( as i have a very bad knee but that’s another story)but I find myself leaning over it. I have tried a number of styles and discussed with the mobility stores near by but they can’t seem to offer much help. . Has anyone had experience of using a Posture Cane.? Ones that are effectively "taller " than the standard ones? I am seeing the physio in a couple of months but would be good to hear thoughts on this.

Hello Rabbit1
I was given a posture stick or cane but tbh I didn’t find it that comfortable to use. That’s not to say that others found the same but it wasn’t for me.
I find the best thing you can do for posture is to have a good stretching routine especially exercises that strengthen your back muscles and core. Also try to be aware of when you are stooping and stand tall - as an aside that doesn’t mean pulling yourself up and holding your breath which is a common response, rather use your core muscles to support you in standing tall.
Make every stretch count - a dancer once told me that you may think you are at full stretch but you are probably 10% short. The physio will no doubt give you some advice but youtube has some excellent videos - put something in the search like exercises to improve posture - if you want to try before that appointment.

Changing tack you may find it more comfortable to use a rollator rather than a stick and I certainly find this. I walk at a good speed and can walk further but more importantly provided it is adjusted and used correctly, you will probably find as I do your posture improves
I wish you luck.

Not sure if this will help, I put a book/mag on my head as an exercise and walk forwards then backwards 50 steps yes it was how young ladies had to learn to walk keeping their heads straight, then I sing the song walk straight and look the world right in the eye, thats what my mummer told me when I was just knee high. I am lucky that no one comes to my door as they might think I’m going off the rails, but it works for me.

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And me, i do something similar as part of my regular routine minus the singing but perhaps I’ll add that in lol

Thanks to everyone who has responded. I i will see how i manage the book walk and as i love singing that will definitely that to help, but may drive ayone in earshot mad! All the best.

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Can you see us all who have replied to this post, getting together and dancing and singing to raise money for PD, I don’t dare imagine it but you never know.

Stranger things have happened lol.
I know the topic is serious and I’m not making light of that, but it has been fun to reply to this thread in a lighter tone than is often the case. Sometimes I think Parkinson’s is so ridiculous the only thing to do is laugh.

Yes!!! Tot I agree it is a serious condition but don’t let it grind you down I know sometimes it’s hard but Hay Ho just make sure you’re in control and it does not control you.

My sentiments exactly lol

I take it a posture cane is a single cane? I walk around my flat with nordic poles, that keeps me upright but I have no free hand to do anything! Nevertheless if I feel during the day that I am drooping, a few minutes with the poles gets me up again for a while.

This is a posture cane Mosie

Thanks Tot, I have not seen one like that before.

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I’ve lost about 6 inches in height because of my spinal curve, over last 4 years or so. Do whatever you can to delay the progression of curvature - it is such a life changer!
Shaving, cleaning your teeth, brushing your hair, driving, even looking up to see birds tweeting in the trees, or going to the dentist, are all things I now have trouble with.
I let things slide while the pandemic was on, and regret not acting on it.
I currently use crutches (the type that have a circular split collar that grip the arm above your wrist) and have tried altering the height of the handles that you grip, forcing me upright, but I’ve only managed to ‘slow down’ the progression, it would have been better if I had acted earlier.