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Folk…firstly my best wishes to all. Secondly, I wonder if there is any wise feedback that I might get. I am 5 years into diagnosed Parkinsons. I take 6-7 Sinemet plus 25/100mg tablets ,spread out during the day, and episodically (though its ment to be daily !) take a Rasagaline pill. My first question, is this…does anyone confidentally know that, for them, Rasagaline is helpful…I rather feel I see no impact, which is, I understand is a common feedback.
More important to me, is the fact that, only in the last week I have witnessed, by 8pm (3 hrs after last tablet of the day ) that I get very pronounced dyskinesia…A trembling of arms and legs…more prominent to my left side . Now I have heard that dyskinesia is a side effect of simply us taking levidopa…, but…if that’s the case, then why am i getting it when my body is actually very low on levidopa.? I have been prescribed Madopar for any required bright, early start to each day…but i hardly ever take one, as I can usually simply take Sinemet pills, given that I no longer work… I have been forced into early retirement by virtue of market downturn, and as a product of my disease advancement.
I welcome any feedback, as…I feel the evening dyskinesia to be a most unwelcome recent affliction.

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I’ve also been suffering from dyskinesia for a few months now, but in my case it does appear to be related to peak dose, rather then wearing off. I sought advice from my local Parkinson’s nurse and my neurologist and it seems to me you probably need to do the same. Because of the coronavirus lockdown it is a challenge to get medical advice at the moment, but it is still available.

Thanks Jane…In truth, I suspect every topic that people raise on this forum can readily be raised with a parkinson’s nurse, and…yes…they are excellent refuges, with great pearls of wisdom. One thing that I notice readily inreases my dyskinesia…is protein, so I am definitely eating differently nowadays. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: