Now I have concerns


Hi everyone. I have been a member of this form for a few years and have had lots of support when my husband was diagnosed with PD. But, I  have some concerns about me. After seeing my doctor about memory problems , she did a mini memory test and referred me to our hospital.I saw a lovely lady doctor who was very thorough and I had some blood tests.

Thinking I had possible Alzheimer's I joined their forum. Then I had a copy of the doctors letter she has sent to my GP. So many of the terms I have come across with PD, some things were normal but I was slow and co ordination was poor. Then, I read that I had subtle reduced right arm swing.

I am having a brain scan next sunday, am being referred to memory clinic and am to see her again in October.

I had hoped that my symptoms could be stress as so many of my family and friends have really serious conditions and it has been a difficult time. Flo



I don't have a tremor or inner tremor.



Sorry you are having such a stressful and worrying time, Im also waiting to find out whats wrong with me so I can kind of relate. I hope it is something that can be fixed or helped and isnt a serious disorder, fingers crossed you get results soon x


Hi Suzynolla7, not knowing can make you think of all sorts of things, but PD hadn't crossed my mind until I had that letter from the doctor. I hope you soon get some answers as well. flo 


Thanks =)


Hello, flo --

I just wanted to say hi and wish you well.  I hope you can get a clear diagnosis soon.  The worst time is definitely the waiting period, when you don't know what is wrong.  If you do have PD, it is at least treatable and moves slowly for most of us.  Are you still a caregiver for your husband?

Best regards,     J


Hi J. Yes, I am a caregiver for my husband. He has a tremor on the right side, various pains and gets very agitated. And, PD doesn't stop you from having other things wrong with you. He has gone through many stages from disbelief, denial. anger, depression but he is now very active with our local PD group.

I was so worried about Alzheimer's that PD slipped in under the radar and took me by surprise. My legs are a problem, I put this down to a problem with lower spine, but for a while I have been clumsy and often seem to need a sit down. The slowness and poor coordination I could relate to but there is my memory problems as well. Could be stress.

My scan is next sunday, I seemed to get into the system quite quickly, but now I  am getting more nervous about it all. 


Hi again!  Yes, stress and age can certainly affect the memory.  Little memory tests are often included in exams of PD patients, too -- at least here in the U.S.  We especially have trouble with word retrieval.  It is so frustrating to know that the exact word you're looking for is in the back of your mind somewhere, yet to be unable to recall it!  I'm experiencing that situation more frequently as time passes.

To me (and I'm of course not a medical expert), your symptoms sound more like PD than Alzheimer's.  The slowness, poor coordination, and fatigue fit the profile well.  I hope that whatever is wrong it's not Alzheimer's or anything worse than PD.  Naturally, it would be even better to be declared free of all of these!

Good luck with the scan --


Oh thats interesting about the word retrieval cos I know my memory has been bad for years but lately, especially when im writing stuff down like typing on here or texting, I end up using a word similar to the word I meant or that start with the same letter, like instead of typing 'writing' I might type 'while'. I really have to double check things! And when I talk my mind just goes blank and I cant think of the word at all! Is this what its like with you J? Sorry to hijack Flo x


Hi all. My memory problems are.... while talking, I say I am just getting the salad cream, I meant cellotape.Has happened many times, sometimes I  realise what I have said and sometimes my husband tells me. I have had trouble finding the right door to open in ladies rooms, finding the car has got worse, (I don't drive).  I had to phone the surgery to see if I had turned up for my B12 injection, I had but had not recollection of it. etc.

There has been lots of odd things, hence, the Alzheimer's connection. After my memory test, when the doctor was testing things, I still didn't suspect PD. Even now, I have a very open mind about it all. flo



By the way, I am 67.


My wife and friends are getting used to me getting half way through a sentence and then losing the word I need to say. As it is now, I just smile and ask what the word is I'm looking for and nine times out of ten they can guess. I'm quite happy to let them help me out. I'm even happier to know it's such a common problem with pd people, ( if you know what I mean).

I suppose we must simply accept and get on with daily............... Oh dear, what is that word?



You have the right outlook, Banjo!  If we can't keep a sense of humour, the whole experience is worse.

At present, my only memory problem is dredging up the word I'm seeking and sometimes having to substitute a simpler one.  If I'm speaking, I do the substitution.  If I'm writing, I can take the time needed to recall the word I want.  When the word just won't come, I get out my thesaurus; otherwise, I'm looking for that word all day.



I've also a problem with my speech. An occasional slur and a bit of a stammer. I am due to see the speech therapist on Thursday. I hope it gets sorted before I get to "Ger.. Ger Granville



I don't have to search for the word, it comes straight away, but the wrong word.Yes, I have noticed that occasionally when I am typing on the computer part of the words are missing. I have other cognitive worries as well. It is hard to stop worrying about what it might be, Thank you for listening to me. flo



I never used too but now I have memory problems as well, often words and peoples names escape me, i have problems organising things/tasks i want too do next or explain them, i try and write them down in the  note pad on my lap top as they come up, if i remember i've done that.

My hand writing has also gone too pot, i know what it is as i am writing out but within a few mins i often cannot read what i have written.

My Neuro said i have attentional memory problems, when i looked that up it translated too adult ADHD, which i find shocking.but it is associated with and from what ever it is have at the Core.


Sorry its such a worry Flo, when are you next seeing a doctor? I also jot stuff down on a notepad like you sea angler, like things I need to remember to tell my boyfriend in the evening or something I have to do later. My handwriting is generally ok but if Im writing more than a few sentences it starts getting smaller, I think cos its easier to control, if the tremor is having a really bad moment though the writings a wobbly mess!


Ah, there I'm lucky, Suzynola7. My handwriting has always been an awful scrawl!

keep happy,



Hehe thanks Banjo, you keep happy too!


My Dad had Parkinson's for a very long time as he lost his sense of smell over 30 years ago and they say that could of been the first sign. When I was younger he would walk into work and try to sign in though forget his name.

He was a very active and fit man and I am sure that helped keep PD at bay. He was 76 and had only been diagnosed for 5 years because his hands started to tremor. The drugs were a great help to stop that. A good diet of fresh food and keeping the mind occupied is very good for the memory too. Stress is not good so meditation and focus on all the blessings is a much better way to be.

I wish you all the best and send you lots of love.