Numb foot

Does anyone else get numb feet and how do they treat it - I suffer with aching right leg and right foot gets numb thank yoi

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Evening Caz62 … I would be very surprised if you have not got a form of Peripheral Neuropathy like me. Up to 55% of people with PD also have PN. I also had a
numb / swollen foot / feet. I take Amitriptyline for it. Swelling / numbness has gone but replaced by stiff aching muscles.

Dear Mr Steve2
I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr Garabedyan, consultant neurologist as he is no longer available.This is to update you regarding the recent nerve conduction study and EMG arranged at University Hospital Sussex. The opinion of neurophysiologist suggested that leg sensory responses are not completely normal
and thus would support a clinical diagnosis of distal sensory axonal large fibre neuropathy. I am aware about the recent start of anti-parkinson medication, and I would suggest continue on this if there is no side-effects.
Regarding the neuropathy, I would be sending some blood forms which I would be grateful if you arrange at your local GP surgery in order to look for any reversible cause for your neuropathy.
Yours sincerely
Electronically checked and signed.
Dr Ali

Best wishes

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Thank you

I often do. Good luck!

Interesting post. I too suffer with a numb left foot at night time. It is extremely uncomfortable and I think it is due to peripheral neuropathy. I take Madopar 4 times daily but it doesn’t have any beneficial effect. I have tried rubbing it with magnesium oil and also use a spray. I am not sure what else I can do except pray for a miracle.


Boomerang83 … Take Amitriptyline 10mg. It made a big difference for me.


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I second Steves2 recommendation on Amitriptyline. It has done wonders for hubby.

It was actually thanks to Steve2 I started reading up on it.
Asked hubby, told GP who switched him over from Remeron to 10mg Amitriptyline.

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Thanks so much for your advice. I must follow it up. One concern though, is amitriptiline (pardon the spelling) not an anti depressant? Thanks again.

Morning Boomerang83 … 10mg a day Amitriptyline cleared up the deep ulcer on my right foot. It also got rid of the swelling & numbness in my left foot. It has reduced
the tight muscles in my legs.

Before taking Amitriptyline I was taking 2 x Ibuprofen pills a day for 4 years. Every time I stopped taking the Ibuprofen I had arthritic pain in my back & neck. I no longer have to take the Ibuprofen, which is bad for us at an older age.

The Amitriptyline also stops my arthritic pain. It truly is a wonderful drug.
This drug also helps me sleep better.

I have just doubled my daily dose to 2 x 10mg pills a day. My legs are even better but it does zonk me out a bit.

You are correct Amitriptyline is used as an antidepressant, but you have to take large doses for that I understand.

Best wishes

Steve 2 thanks again for your recent post. I will definitely enquire about the drug you recommend. I will keep you posted as to my progress. Take care.

Amitriptyline can be prescribed to people who have arthritis and other related conditions such as fibromyalgia and back pain. It can also be given if you have damage to the nerve endings in your limbs, known as peripheral neuropathy . Amitriptyline works by increasing the amount of serotonin your brain makes.

I have read somewhere that amitriptyline has benefits for Parkinson’s patients, some trial data ?

In rats…