Numbness in hands at night?

Was numbness in your hands at night an early symptom for any of you? I seem to have this problem now and again when I wake up and one of my hands has gone numb and needs to be massaged back to life.

Thank you

Hello HavanaS

We recommend definitely checking this with your GP if you have any concerns. But our friendly forum may also be able to give you some advise.

Yes- asked my GP about numbness in hands and it could be related to anything until other symptoms present themselves.

Interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this?

Thank you

I am not sure if it’s connected.
My numbness steams from my other illnesses. I do however get very stiff ankles so do moving exercises.
Do your hands turn any different colour?

Not sure the colour of my hands as it only happens when I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s pitch black.

Do you mean do they go white? I will check but it feels like it is nerve related.