Nupro Patches

Hi Everyone.
I am new to the forum so forgive me if this topic has been done to death but I have been on Nupro 24 hr patches. My dose has gradually increased and I am now on 8 mg per day. The problem I have is that they are fine during the day but by early evening they have worn off. I am so uncomfortable that I only sleep 4 hrs per day. By 9 pm all my symptoms have returned and sleeping becomes impossible. Also the leaflet that comes with the medication says that you can’t put a patch on the same site within a 14 day period. Where am I meant to stick it once I used my arms and legs up? Now I know what your thinking but please keep it clean. I can’t put patches on my torso because they burn and itch. I have run out of arms and legs by day 8. How tall do I have to be to keep to the guide lines. Also I now have to shave my legs which is strange. On the positive side, it is something the wife and I can do together. A guy with tremors clutching a razor blade in one hand and shaving gel in the other is a scary site.