Nutrition & Parkinson's

Apart from the book “Eat Well Stay Well with Parkinson’s” which is now well out-of-date are there any current books that deal with nutrition and Parkinson’s in some depth? Not a recipe book, please. I have read Parkinson’s UK publication on the topic but would like more detailed information. Thank you.

Have you considered this one - published 2017

Not totally about nutrition but I found “Parkinsons Disease An In-depth metabolic Guide” by Ray Griffiths useful. He is a nutritionist with a strong knowledge of Parkinsons.

He also has written “Depression:The Mind-Body Diet and Lifestyle Connection” which is published this month. I have not received my copy yet but suspect it will be relevant for PWP.

Many thanks indeed for your response. Perhaps a mite too technical and not really written for the layman.

Is the first book easier to read? I too am interested in different approaches to treatment

The book I suggested is written for lay people & professionals alike & pretty straightforward. It includes the references/evidence on which their advice is based so it is scientifically sound but don’t let that put you off, no need to read the “science” bits unless it interests you.

Thank you, Mountainair! I have just seen your reply which somehow slipped through the net previously. Coincidently, a day ago I ordered this book, so will see how it goes.

Hi Motherofthree,
You hardly need a book. Just listen to DR Mischleys talk (50 mins) on the (Sept 18 2017).
She clarifies that people whose Parkinsons accelerates eat: -Fried foods, Colas especially diet Colas etc, canned fruit and vegs, and so on.
People whose symptoms are delayed eat; - Fresh fruit and Veg, Nuts and seeds, Olive and Coconut oil, Fish (non fried), Eggs, Fresh herbs, Spices, and guess what - WINE!!
You can print off her full list from the attached paper. Note she does not demonstrate a cause and effect, just survey results from thousands of sufferers.
You can help build the database by signing up for ‘CAM care in PD’.

Thank you for your reply. By asking re books, I wasn’t being specific but should have made this clear. I was looking for, in very general terms, additional information be it in the form of books, published articles or the like. I was interested to read the hard coy of the talk and also the relevant articles on Dr Mischley’s work. I had never heard of Dr Mischley or about the research. However, it is just that, research. I am not totally committed to the idea of foods accelerating or delaying symptoms but rather in the management of symptoms through nutrition, as per the work by Dr Geoffrey Leader & Lucille Leader here in the UK. I have had a look at the 'CAM Care in PD" form - I am not at all sure it is relevant for those living outside of either Canada or the United States. When I have a moment I will fill it in as far as it is possible to do so. All information is grist to the mill but no one particular view is to be taken as gospel. I would like to say what I did find the most interesting was the link you gave me to The Science of Parkinson’s. I shall follow further issues of this publication with interest.