I’ve been diagnosed 18 months so I’m a novice.
I’ve also mentioned this before but had no response so thought it might be just me or a placebo or something
Like most PD patients I sometimes suffer with insomnia and take 2x 1 a night Nytol to help me sleep…
These are available over the counter but I would urge anybody taking these to perhaps consult a neurologist first.
I of course have n’t and currently take Co caroladpa 25/50 x 4 times a day and 1x2mg Ipinia.per day.
I also exercise and do PD warrior.

After taking 2x 1 a night nytol before bed,I first of all sleep well, but the following day my symptoms vastly reduce. I’m more fluid in my movements and suffer less stiffness and pain.

Has anybody else found this to be the case?