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I've been diagnosed with PD since Early 2011. I still have good cognitive skills and try to keep active mentally and physically. I do cryptic crosswords, write short story's. I also write lousy poetry. The main problems I've had  are, akynesia (freezing), dyskinesia, muscle pull and periods of switch-off). I take 187.5 mg of Madopar a day plus a Madopar CR at night and a 24 hour patch (Rotigotine). I have been active and fit for most my life, but do have two replacement knees (the curse of the marathon runners). I've been managing pretty well until about  early-November when I started getting severe muscle pull in my face, particularly around the mouth. It' a horrible sensation and is affecting me more than anything before. At about the time it started I was under a quite a bit of stress, due a dodgy purchase. This may be coincidence.

Has anyone out there had this problem? Can anyone advise on non-medicinal treatment? It' spoiling my sleep and that's something I've never had trouble with.


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I Should have said 187.5 mg of Madopar 4 times a day.


Hi, Yes, Parkinson's symptoms are certainly made worse by stress. This needs to be dealt with before you consider changing or increasing your medication. I find that exercise helps. How mobile are you? A 20 minute walk, if you can manage it, will get the circulation going.

   Don't give up with the poetry. The English language is a wonderful tool for relieving stress. Try memorising one or two short poems. Above all try to keep an optimistic and cheerful frame of mind

Hello Christo,

Thanks for your sensitive reply.

I do tend get stressed up (over excited). And this has been worse since Parky's. Also I lost my dear twin brother to a massive stroke 6 months ago.

Me and my wife walk at least every other day. At least a mile. I'm not too bad when I get cranked up, Stopping and starting is the problem.

My sister and I write 500 word short story's by sending each other pictures from papers or magazines. She has had PD for 14 years. I think one tends to be more critical of poetry than of prose.

Back to PD - this facial muscle pull is really horrible.




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