Obsession and personality changes

I am in my 50's and was diagnosed with PD a year ago.
At the time of diagnosis I was made redundant, but found another job.
In August of this year I was made redundant again suddenly when the business folded overnight with my employer doing a runner.
The day after I met my new Partner and he is wonderful.
before the PD i had several (7 or 8) operations for Malignant melanoma, with secondaries in internal organs , and I know that I am lucky to be here.
Mostly I am well balanced and happy, but occasionally I get obsessive thoughts and become over anxious about nothing in particular.When this happened the first time I was sending 30 - 40 texts to Michael all saying the same. This was identified as a side effect of the medication and I am now on levadopa.
I do feel much better but I have noticed that my personality is not as it was and I do worry more than I used to.
I am now at home full time and enjoying doing things that I have never had time for such as baking, days out, and i am making and altering clothes.So, I am not bored at all, in fact I am loving my life at the moment.
The thing Is though, I beat myself up for the way I go on and on about things at times, and then my partner gets cross with me and stays away , that makes me worse as I then worry about losing him, i dont sleep and become even more anxious and ...well, you can imagine!
Has anybody else had experienced of this? what do I do?
This man is loving and caring and I really do not want to lose him,but I am scared that I may drive him away.
Parkinsons is in many ways worse than the cancer, I always knew I could beat that, this is new territiry for me.
Thank you for your comments
hi learn a relaxation technique aand try not to take out your frustrations on your partner he hasd to be solmething reallly special
I have changed the way I dress and the way I deal with the situations .i throw my self in to my art work .obsession I will go up to my bed room and make things and paint and my attitude is that I can't do it at that moment it will wait till tomorrow .as before I would of made shore it was done straight away and would keep going till it was done . My hair is cut short so I can cope with it
You sound like you enjoy your life. That is very important. People who enjoy life are usually fun to be around and people feel secure in their presence. Your partner will appreciate that about you.

It may be something to talk about together. I don't mean all of the time! But it may help if he can understand your feelings and know the best way of reassuring you without it becoming an issue for him or you.

good luck. remember...he is as lucky to have you as you are to have him. If he is a decent guy a few 'middle of the night' texts will not scare him off. Even in the middle of the day. And if you are feeling it get out of hand can you phone someone else instead of him? Even the Samaritans. I'm not joking, it breaks the cycle in your mind to talk to someone calm and rational.And it takes the strain off both of you.

all the best