Obsessive Behavior

My 87 year old Dad has stage 4 PD.  He takes carbidopa-levadopa 3X a day.  He no longer is able to feed himself or walk.  He can assist with transfer from a lift recliner to a transport chair/wheelchair. He suffers with some degree of dementia - but not full blown.

He spends most of his waking hours trying to leave his recliner.  He gets himself into a semi standing position and then crumples to the floor because he's lost his strength.  Most times we catch him before he falls. It is obsessive.  No matter how many times we tell him that he needs to sit back - that he will fall - that we are trying to keep him safe in the comfort of his own home . . . . he understands for the moment, apologizes and then he is right back to inching to edge of recliner to get up . . . . it goes on all day long.  He takes 25 mg. of quetiapine before bed . . . he sleeps through the night.  

I have spoken with his doctor (Parkinson's Specialist) about a medication to calm him during the day.   We've tried quetiapine, zanax . . . no change.  We are not going to restrain him - it will anger him for sure.

First, has anyone noticed this kind of behavior and secondly, can you suggest an activity to keep him occupied or perhaps another medication that will not interfere with his Parkinsons Meds.