Obtaining correct care within a Housing With Care Facility

My brother-in-law has been a parkinsons patient for around 10 years. For the past 6 years he has been in a Housing-With-Care facility. His conditioned has worsened (expected) since he went there and as of late he has been suffering more freezing episodes. Because of this, the management has suggested that he may be expected to have more bedrest, is this actually going to be beneficial for him? We, myself and his sister, cannot see how this will help him as we’ve always understood that exercise is the best thing for him. What are other of your opinions on this matter.
The facility has just one member of staff trained to care for their 2 residents suffering Parkinsons but the rest of them really don’t have a clue. It has taken us 4 years to enlighten them about the necessity for prompt dispensing of their medication.

Hello Wilburan,

You must be very concerned about your brother-in-law to ask for advice. I care for my mother at home for the past 5years and I can only tell you about our own experiences, which I hope will enlighten you and your sister.

When mum started ‘freezing’ I went immediately to Google and on varies websites (possibly Parkinson’sUK) it said that sometime rhythm helps to get started again. So we started singing old songs together and it really helped mum to ‘forget’ about the fact she couldn’t walk and continue on her way. Counting also helps they reckon (we use to combine the two…one two buckle my shoe etc etc.)
Exercise is important too, although this obviously doesn’t mean a 5 mile jog every day! Arm chair exercises, raising the toes up and down etc etc helps with mobility issues.
I emphasise I’m only going on my own experiences I have no medical training but I think anything’s worth a shot if it helps. Even if it sounds silly singing or counting out loud! You could seek out professional advice from a physiotherapist who will be able to guide you all on the best way forward.
I don’t know where about your brother-in-law lives but suggest he is seen by a Parkinson’s nurse if available in his area of UK.
Good luck and take care x

No my partner suffers from freezing the last thing you need is bedrest. Freezing has nothing to do with fatigue.

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