Occupational Health referral and work bullying

Hi wonder if any one can offer any advice ive just had sent in post by my company a request to attend a occupational health meeting.bit of story but here goes

One I have Parkinson's which is be honest being controlled and as been now in my eyes okay for a good 8 months. Last year  about 12. Months I I was requested to attend occ health agreed as I had taken a fall getting out of a chair agreed the occ health and a few recommendations was passed 1 additional admin support a stress risk assessment and regular review which was passed onto my company for a few months nothing happened so I enquired and eventually went grievance as a director was threatening over my job and stand down from position and do something else within the company my grievance was upheld to some extent I got a admin support I completed the assement to date not seen site of results , grievance was upheld and nice letter you can keep your job basically as no poor performance ect ect 

, my line manager who reported direct to the Director concerned whom I took the grievance against confided in me that during meetings last year  he said remarking about my condition that I can't go and see customers looking the way he is referring to my tremor and masked face and walking when I was having a bad day, wanted me out and would pay me off.. my line manager then resigned. Everything calmed down following the grievance and so normal play no issues . In November 2016 I had what's known ventricular standstill heart stopped 5 times and was fitted with a pacemaker , on return to work 4 weeks latter new line manager great, within one month of him starting the pressure put on me was extreme I found myself completing my line managers reports ect ect and my own 4 months down the line now April  he resigns off record could not stand the bullying  , again on his leaving watch your back he's trying to get you on poor performance but there's nothing I can see you work hard and well respected he then tells me that he wants me referred back to occ health but I can't see why. In June I was sent to hospital due to skin erosion on the position of my pacemaker so operation date given in June cancelled on 15th to have unit put into  chest muscle instead of under the skin, I emaled and confirmed my status ect op took place on 22nd back to work 3rd July whilst in last week waiting for staples to be removed rcvd letter requesting I agree to attend occ health , I even had spoken to this man on the phone on the day after the op but no mention of referral, I returned to work , another manager from another region had been bought in to cover me and made report on my absence regarding my department and was relayed to me as uncovered on the phone I was mortified that I was been accused of stealing ect basically supervisors in department was not following procedures , now been back at work agreed to occ health meeting , the office moral is at all time low as this Director as taken up residence at our office, I feel as I'm being pushed to walk , the stress is not helping my tremor is getting worse and I've also spoken privately to hr they emailed me to call and they stated of the record have had the report put on my personal file which is being stated as a lead to poor performance that I had also been spoken to about other jobs in company and salary, I can confirm that this person as spoke about other roles with no specifics or salary but wants me to resign as service manager which he kept asking me to last year where given 3 options resign as service manager poor performance or occ health ground hog day starts again one year on,,, any advice would be much appreciated , my old line managers I've known in the industry for years as well as this director , both have said they are prepared to put all in writing if indeed but I feel I should not be in this position at all advise please as I'm getting very stressed , perhaps even depression as I can't see what to do My wife is out of her mind with worry , I have mortgage bills to pay and a daughter at uni whom I'm supporting to become a nurse any advice please 










Have you tried speaking to pduk as i have no idea but just wanted to let you know i have seen your post I'm sure pduk will help 

Hi Swino,

I'm really sorry to read this, you should not be treated this way by anybody, especially your employer.

I can understand why you're feeling so stressed about this.

You are likely to meet the statutory (legal) definition of 'disabled' under the Equality Act 2010. This means that it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against you because of your disability or because of something that happens as a consequence of your disability.

I am positive that you are protected by the Equality Act 2010, read up on that piece of legislation here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents.

I'd suggest you get in touch with us and we can talk you through next steps. You can call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and speak to our employment and benefits adviser.

Hope this helps,


Hi any specific times , as currently in work 0730 normally - 1730 monday to Friday