OCD and its many forms

I have been reading some lovely and inspiring stories as well as the usual indredible slow progress to get a diagnosis.

Hubby has told Specialist right from the beginning (well maybe I did mention it) that he suffers mild OCD. Everything has to be lined up just so and he is a bit of a perfectionist.

Now I notice that he is getting obsessive with his computer programming again. He writes and maintains his own website and lately upgraded and came accross problems. As you do I am sure. Not got a clue what he is doing but he has gone off into a world of his own. If I don't put his meds in front of him and make sure he swallows, he would forget! He has come up for air sometimes and said, have I taken my 4pm or oh my god I forgot my 12 meds! Silly man, of course I made sure he takes it all.

But I am sure that is another spin on OCD and obsessive behaviour? I banned him yesterday from using computer and we had a drive out! He is back to it today but realising that it has gone a tad too far again.

There is always something going on. You got to be on your guard! OCD does not just hit you with Sex and Gambling, oh no!


I haven't been effected by OCD touchwood, but i do get that in our little world that we need to be doing something like the pursuit of happiness that maintains normality in our lives, its that little personal battle against parky for some it might be golf, for others writing, or gardening, for me it's Angling or photography, exercising all parts of the body and mind too compete against to give me satisfaction that i still can and achieve, there is of course beyond that the world of family life and our life , must take care too separate at times and know the difference, All our battles arn't on one day, it's a marathon not a sprint.

Hi SwissMiss

Be thankful that he hasn't suffered those gambling and sexual OCD's that you've so casually dismissed!

Pokermid eek

Hi. I took two online tests for ocd from reputable sites of charires that deal with it. One focused on behaviours that gave me a high score and suggested I seek help. The other focused on feelings and the results were no problems herr! It seems to be a complicated issue that  is very hard to understand without proper qualified help. Keep up the good work in encouraging your oh out into the fresh air for a while.You are in the best position to see when he needs that extra support. All the best