Odd feeling in one hand

Since Saturday my left hand has been feeling really weird. Diagonally from base of the index finger to my wrist up the side of my hand and the middle, ring and little finger feel extra sensitive to the touch but when I touch objects it is as if they are not connecting to my fingers. Sorry its not easy to describe. Also last night my hand seemed to have an inner vibration. Has anyone had similar feelings in their hands? Sue xx
Might be time to consider the additives and supplements programme?
Thanks for your reply - I have just sent you a pm. Sue xx
One of the symptoms that took me to the docs originally was an 'inner tremble' but in my leg. It often disappears to be replaced by other stuff but sometimes it comes back as does a sort of shivering tremble in my arms and body. It's like trembling with cold in fact sometimes I can trick it into going by sitting in front of the heater! Sinamet controls it almost entirely. Another related feeling is a funny feeling in my muscles akin to the pain of cystitis or sucking a lemon!
Hi suwils
My husband also has inner tremor and strange sensations/tingling/numbness in his hand and fingers and achey wrists (particularly the right hand). He has found great relief from these sensations if I massage his hand and arm up to and including the shoulder. For the last 3 nights I have done this for him for 10 minutes just before he settles for the night. He has no pins and needles/funny sensations on these nights (first time for ages). I would be very happy to try and write out some simple massage movements if these would be of interest to you (or anyone else).

I read your post with interest as I have noticed exactly the same experience . It is not really that visible to anyone else. I can feel an inner tremor through my right side . From my foot to my leg and arm. I don't have a typical Parkinsons tremor. I have also noticed a problem with my right toes . If I walk and then rest my toes all appear to dance for at least 10 seconds. Its difficult to describe but they jump up and down for a fair while .

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Thanks SF, Carrot and Kram - I'm not going mad then! :laughing:. I have been describing this feeling to my husband who tries to understand but until you have it yourself, its really difficult to appreciate just how weird it feels. I have made contact with Chewexpert this evening and he has forwarded info on the PIP so I hope to join his programme asap. In the meantime, Carrot, I would really appreciate details of the massage you have been giving your husband just recently as it sounds just what I need and perhaps others could benefit too. Thanks for all your replies to my post, really appreciate your help. Best wishes Sue xx
Hi again suwils
OK, I have attempted to write out massage movements! Im going to post them under a separate thread in Treatments as I think this may be better.
Happy massages!
Let me know how you get on
Carrot :grin:
Change of plan! Couldnt get into Treatments so posted it under Health & Wellbeing!
So glad to read this thread. One of the things that means I can't ever switch off from PD is the wierd feelings I have in all my limbs and often through my body. Sometimese it is like an inner tremor but more often they all just feel odd and everything feels disconnected and my skin especially on my toes feels very sensitive. It doesn't neccessarily hurt - I think the aches are separate it just feels wierd. Its wierd to sit still and its wierd to move!

I, too, also suffer these feelings, usually on my left (dominant) side, but sometimes both sides together.

Massage helps enormously, and I think the Gabapentin (for my restless legs) does, too.

Hello Grumpy - I always think every new twinge or odd sensation must be another symptom to add to the PD list! I find it difficult to know whether it is PD or something else. I guess that comes with experience (one we could all happily live without) and am appreciative to get the reponses to this thread as I hestitated before posting as it seemed such a minor thing to ask about. Kind regards Sue xx
Hello HullVictim - just saw your post - thanks for replying. I am going to have a go at some massage and hopefully it will relieve these horrible feelings. Thanks for the advice. Best wishes Sue xx
Hi Sue,
Hope you are getting some relief. I too will try tje massage. I know what you mean - I analyse every twinge an a very tedious way whilst before PD I would have just asssumed it would go away.
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