Odd symptom!

Posting this in the hope that soembody may cast light on my odd symptom.

I am 18 mths diagnosed and am lately a lot happier than I was in th e 1st year ... somehow more composed .. which is mighty welcome ... I have found the stress of being ill almost worse than the illness at times..... I now find that
I have more peace of mind than at any time for 2 yrs . Still get anxious but
not to the same degree . Anybody thats going thru similar , take heart as the
anxiety can ease !

But I've had an odd symptom , I get a slight convulsion in my midriff which rolls
iup to my head which rocks fwd and back a little .. its worse when I'm stressed .... the Specilaist , the PD nurse and the doctor do not recognise it.

Any ideas ?

Andy (Ojalahey - daft handle I know)
glad to hear you are accommodating you diagnosis - quicker than most I would say. the convulsion in the mid-drift is, i think quite common - i think doctors dont hear about it because its hard to describe and because they dont listen to what they dont expect to hear. the head thing is a bit more unusual. it all sounds a bit like what is called myoclonus.
as for daft handles, i sympathise
Hi Turnip,

Quoting from your post " i think doctors dont hear about it because its hard to describe and because they dont listen to what they dont expect to hear., after my last interview with the PD nurse but the same applies to the neuro, I christened this phenomenon "preductive text disorder". For example this last time (its not the first time one or either of them has written what they expect me to say) I specifically stressed that my current bursitis and associated aching problems were noton my parkie/tremor side. Sure enough when I read the copy letter to the GP it said my problems (now almost banished) were on the parkie side despite the fact that I had this problem about two years and it was also cured by steroid injections, the inference was that it was directly PD related. I don't doubt it is indirectly influenced by the stiffness and indeed my age (72) but it does not warrant upping my meds or adding da's to my current sinemet as has been suggested because I'm otherwise if anything in very good nick for my age.

Thanks for your posts - always a good read
Should have made it clear I was talking about hip problems
fortunately my current gp is excellent. i am going to be a test dummy for some of his students! should be an interesting experience for everyone...
ps PTD is a great concept - in all sorts of situations.
For a few years before my husband was diagnosed he became very anxious , he also I though started having panic attacks / complaing of a strange butterfly feeling in his midriff . After he was diagnosed I noticed that his pulse was fast and irregular . . Had an ECG and they picked up Atrial

Fibrillation .. ??

Which comes first the chicken or the egg !!