Odd symptoms

Im coping with pd not to badly but the front of my neck feels swollen and solid as if something is there, the pd doctor thinks Im holding head back which I do because of stiffness in shoulder and neck Im doing exercise to get muscles working but Im a bit worried about neck ,also inside of my mouth right at back feels odd ,sensetive to my tounge and bottom of gums right at back fees strange, I know I should go further with checking etc but has anyone else suffered same symptoms ? Thanks Ponco
Hi Ponco,

Those symptoms you have seem very odd , I can't offer you any advise as I have never experienced anything like it . Hope you get sorted.

I think what you are experiencing could be a condition called Globus - or to be more pedantic Globus Hystericus. Although it is nice to have a name for it, being told you are "hysterical" is not so good. But knowing it is not dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) is good news.

Hope this helps. Since the link below will probably get deleted (why?), do a Goggle search for Globus and patient.

Had a good look on internet link was still there ,will go and get thyroid checked although it was fine last time,get sore throat if under the weather that was another cause a sort of inffection, but why does the back of my mouth feel like it does? I can feel the throat tonight worse if anything and back of mouth feels odd and prickly sensations come and go.Ive got horrible bug at the momentthat lasts 5-6 days before feeling ok so could sensation be worse because run down. After I get better I will make appointment with gp with a few questions to ask,hell think I am a doctor myself with all new imformation ...only jocking Ill suggest it and make him think hes had the idea!!!!:laughing:
Thankyou for taking time to answer and find info for me I hope that this is correct that its not something worse, I am on citrolopam for mild depression so it could also be down to anxiety Thanks again Ponco x