Odd symptoms

Got a few odd things going on, wondered if anyone has the same thing? My sense of smell has got quite bad but I can still smell some things, but things like curry, bacon, air fresheners etc I dont seem to smell anymore. My taste hasnt been good for a long time, I have to add salt to everything! Also ive had this 'skin crawling' kinda feeling, like nails down a chalkboard kinda thing that makes me shudder and stresses me out. I itch a lot too (might be the tramadol) my boyfriend said im shaking a lot in my sleep too and my breathing is a bit shaky. Ive got an MRI next week but im worried ill never get answers!


i think some symptoms are subtle and creep up on you. on one of the rare occasions i cook anything, i cooked ready made Lasagne for me and my Grandfather (he's 94 lol).

my grandfather said ''that smells nice'', but he was in a different room too the food, i had too put my nose into the plate before i could smell it, it was then that i realised my sense of smell wasn't what it used too be, on another occasion i sat with a friend fishing on the way there i bought fish n chips, i like salt n vinegar on them, when i opened them it reeked and was awash with vinegar, i must of poured it on till my level of smell.

I wouldn't worry about the MRI too much  its more of a step onto another step, when i had mine i expected it too be normal and it was almost apart from some degeneration in my spine.

Yeah Id not really noticed it until recently when someone had an air freshener on her desk and asked me if I liked the smell, even right close to it I couldnt smell it, and when someone heated up curry they said oh that smells nice and I couldnt smell that at all either. But Im sure sometimes I smell some things quite well, its weird. Ive also been finding counting hard lately, ive been having to count stuff at work and Ill suddenly forget what number is next! Im not worried about the MRI as such, just overall Im scared Ill have appointments with the neuro and tests etc and still not know for definate whats wrong. Im glad Ive got the scan though cos it will hopefully give the doc more information, fingers crossed!

Hi Suzynola7 and Sea angler, I have the opposite with sense of smell. It is so acute and some washing powders on people's clothes can make me feel quite ill. After my blood tests it was found that I had a ferritin deficiency and since taking my iron tablets I feel much better, not so many problems with my memory. I still don't know if the other symptoms, poor co-ordination, bradykinesia, subtle reduced right arm swing mean that I have PD.

I have had a CT scan today, had an MRI scan a few weeks ago.My hospital apt is 8th October so not long to wait now.

Hi suzy and flo

I've had trouble with counting and reading.

not that i do much counting now but i used too at work,

I noticed when i was looking at my pills i tried too count how many pills were in a row,and left in a row,as i looked along the the row of pills it gave me trouble in looking at each one and then counting it and recognising i'd counted it by the time i'd got too the end of the row of pills which wasn't many i couldn't remember how many i'd counted.

sometimes after i've taken a pill i have difficulty in remebering if i'd  actually taken that pill? i may on occasion take a second pill, which i spose could be dangerous.

lots of text also gives me trouble reading, like a large news paper article or letter with lots of info on it, sadly it all seems too merge in one heap and i cant read it, sadly some of Feds long posts i cant read them either my brain just wont work.

i find also in situations were i have too interact with people talking i often find myself repeating the words i've just said or i have too ask person two or three times or more if its something like a instruction to do something. 

Flo, i have been tested among many test's vitamin D deficient, which is strange because before i became ill i spent the majority of my time outdoors and by water, i often used too have a tan in january, i dont know if being deficient in thing is linked too PD??. my iron was a little low, but within 'ranges'.


Hi Sea angler, I believe my vitamin D is ok, I take calcium lactate which I can tolerate at a certain level. I have had quite a time with side effects from calcium tablets but I need them. I try to eat plenty of fish and look at vit D in foods. I have B12 injections as well.

  I have had problems counting out the correct money and have often given up  and handed over a note instead. And reading, I have been a lifelong bookworm but now I find it hard to keep reading. Also, if I get letters with a lot on them I find it hard to concentrate.

Following recipes is sometimes a problem, I read it over and over, and still do it wrong!!!  Since taking the iron tablets my thinking is much clearer.    flo

This is interesting, this sounds just like me. I too cant remember if ive taken my tablets, ive asked my boyfriend to try and notice if I take them, I did overdose on my tramadol before and felt very ill. I too cannot read a book anymore because I cant concentrate and wont take it in, I read the same line over and over. I can manage something like a magazine. The other day I brushed my teeth, put my toothbrush in its pot, went back to the sink and went and got my toothbrush again and almost brushed my teeth again straight after! I take a multivitamin with extra iron and I use a daily vitamin d mouth spray to try and make sure im not deficient. Anyone have the sleep 'fits'?



I will look into this vitamin thing the next time i go too the doctors too look into if im deficient still in anything??

I don't do much cooking now as i'm a danger too myself handling things but when i've tried  i often find my mind wanders and things generally get burnt and i cant co ordinate what im sposed too be doing ~ cooking used too be my trade.

i have also noticed my appetite has gone, i used too love food but now it's just a chore that i must eat something because that's what we do as humans, i find with my dry mouth food just seems too stick around in my mouth and i'm chewing endlessly. conveying things like pea's on a fork is a game of its own and just makes the whole thing frustrating.

'sleep fits' if you mean biting my tongue then yep i do on occasion ~ i dont know if that's due too vivid dreaming ?.


I feel drunk today, I was laughing about it earlier but now I feel quite scared, I cant walk in a straight line and im shaking quite badly, I keep losing focus in my eyes too, people in the office have noticed. Yeah I feel eating is more of a chore now too, maybe cos i cant taste it well or cos swallowing is difficult. Oh yeah its so frustrating trying to keep food on a fork, I didnt wanna go to lunch today and eat in front of people cos its embarrassing, I didnt do too badly in the end though. I dont bite my tongue in my sleep, I just wake up with my body shaking or my boyfriend tells me ive been shaking a lot when im sleeping. It all just gets a bit scary sometimes :-(


I seem too have developing problems with food especially dry foods the most like bread,rice or dry meats, i nearly choked on rice, i don't know about feeling drunk that's a distant memory drinking any alcohol, but i do feel woosey  and unsteady on my feet at times, looking down stairs unbalances me, i feel the urge that i might fall down them, that and uneven ground and slopes.

Yeah I dont fully remember what being drunk is like either but I know it makes it hard to walk straight and balance and I was very woozy. Im having extra trouble with my legs today, they have been extra painful since yesterday but today my whole body is really painful, feels like all my bones ache really bad and ive also got pain in my head and chest and because its so sore to move my legs they are getting heavier and heavier so now im really struggling to use them so im going home from work, I wish I knew what caused these things to happen! Had an MRI of my brain and full spine on monday so I will hopefully get results soon, im used to pain but the amount I hurt today is quite hard to cope with. Ive even risked taking anti-inflammatories although I was told not to cos they caused a bleed in my stomach before but I didnt kniw what to do! Grr

Oh dear, Suzy, not a nice time for you. Hope the pain eases, it can be exhausting. Best wishes, flo

Yes i am the same , some days i dont remember if i took my medication or not and the one day i took it again  and felt a little off for a couple of hours a little disorientated and very shaky so now if i am not sure if i have taken them i just leave them till next dose , i got round this problem by  setting alarms on my mobile and i also have a app which speaks  out what medication  i need to take at that time so no more accidental overdosing thankfully

Thanks Flo, yeah I am exhausted, always feel like ive done a big work out in the gym! Trying to drag heavy legs around today has finished me off! Oh thats good theres an app for medication, im amazed how often I dont remember just taking my meds, I guess cos I do it so often you dont always take it in! When I was really woozy the other day though I hadnt taken any extra, im sure of it. I really hope the scan gives me some answers soon!

Hi shelly65, my husband has PD and has the same problem with medication. He uses the alarm on his mobile and he is very interested in your app that speaks. Any info please.  flo


That App seems a excellent idea Shelly.


cool agility  then I DROP DWN A

   Hello Suzy, I am sad that such a beautiful young Lady. as you are, should be strick by this pig of a disease also I  sympathise with  you Re - your pains  and  useless legs, I am having the same trouble now. these changes happen so quickly, one day you are running 98% next55% and I  will run at this level for a week or two becoming accustomed to the lower level of mobility and loss of both mental and phyisical   agility  I expected the onset of  contiuous aggressive pains and prepared myself but no way did I think the severity of this new tool in parkys armoury would end up with 99% unable to move any joint without great discomfort, , as I mentioned I will run at this retarded level for a few weeks just sufficent for me to adjust and through a combination of   (  parrots eat them all  ), a little joke there, its Paracetamol really , and bad tempered stubborn resistance and geting stuck in, I will overcome parkys pathetic attempt to permanently cripple old fed , now this all out war of attrition is constant Suzy and I am weakening, but the difference now is the changes are noticeable every week now, it used to be years, then months now weeks, and even in the most  savage of BLACKHEARTS  haed to haed, thats no a spilling mystek Sue its head normally in english, but haed in geordie its days or hours, it is terrifying Suzy, so as I say I  do understand, also I have lost all   sense   of  taste  and  smell    I can pick up  salt and  and  sweet      but the more refined subtle elements of taste  are long  gone   its old sods law again Suzy, just when the long lost passionate feelings seemed to be returning I cannot move for pain, life can be cruel at times, incidentally how do you think of, well er  older people being passionate, I know some  youngsters find  it disgusting that folks in their late sixties   should still feel sexy  in fact I fear  Hypersexuality is now a possibility in both  myself and my Lady,this would normally be fun but its causing lots of problems  making what should be exciting and loving   into a world of pain

                      Well I  am off to read the paper in the summerhouse its lovely here in  Northumberland so   I      like to take in the last  few sunny days of the year  BYE FOR NOW

                                   , FED


  •             Hello Suzy I have been practicing on my lady, no not that,  i HAVE BEEN PRACTising  the North American Chinook, rED INDIAN, Body massage techniques ,and have become a master or I WOULD GO AS FARas Grand Master,and should  be awarded some kind of award, the award would be in recognition of my amazing ability to ease the suffering of fellow Forumers, and having read of the pain you are going through I am at your service my Lady and the ceaseless struggle to make someones life easier would be my goal, both my dear lovely velociraptor (my  pet word for my angel),  It was going to be PITBULLHTCIB, BUT UPON reflection velociraptor fits the bill, as I WAS saying my lady has severe pains ,they began when she fell while out walking I TOLD HER TO REPORT the uneven council  NOT maintained foot path but she wont, so I DEVELOPED these skills to ease her pain,while at the same time I am like a kid in a library ( i  was a vert bright child, I dont  know why my brother used to polish me wirh floor wax only he can tell)  or more to the point a BULL IN A TEA CUP, no thats not right either, but any way I  LEARN MORE EACHday and have the MASSAGE SESSIONS DOWN TO 4HRS NOW  do you think thats too long,so if you happen to be in Northumberland  look me up,and we can compare pain and that offer applies to all my friends, good eh amazing what can be learned on the net

                                                     SWEET DREAMS SUZY AND MAY YOU BE FREE OF PAINS VERY SOON

                                          FEDbig grincool this is me and my bro he always asks how you arewink



Hehe thank you Fed :-) hope your doing ok x