Our friend (of 50 years for my husband) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 2 years ago, although they keep changing their minds. We notice an odour (sometimes making us gag) which we thought was to do with Parkinson’s (saw article where the wife of a sufferer could smell it on him and others). We have brought it up with his wife, but she wants us to bring it up with him. Does any one have any suggestions also is there anything he can use to minimise the odour.

Hi @Boot I was diagnosed 3 years ago, my wife ( of 50 years ) noticed a change in my Odour well before then and she told me it was not pleasant, Your friend needs to know and to my mind, it would be better coming from his wife.
I shower every morning, and twice most days in the summer, however, the Odour remains and the only thing I can do is try and mask it with a roll-on deodorant and aftershave. Not much help I know.


The ‘woman who can smell Parkinson’s’ is a ‘super smeller’, i.e. she has a very sensitive sense of smell and can smell things other people cannot smell. It might be that some people with Parkinson’s have a more noticeable smell than others, but I have never heard of this before.

As we have a problem smelling things anyway this may not be easy. Smell is one of the early senses we lose.

A smell noticeable to other people is not one of the effects of Parkinson’s.