OFF Periods - Parkinson's Europe Video

Parkinson’s Europe is developing a multimedia online campaign aimed at raising awareness and dispelling myths and misconceptions around OFF periods in Parkinson’s, and how these impact quality of life. As part of this campaign, they are gathering brief video testimonies from people with Parkinson’s about their experience with OFF periods. If you want to participate, please send a brief (30’’ max) video of yourself explaining how OFF periods impact you and what you do to cope with them. As a guidance, you can answer one or more of these questions:

  • Do you experience OFF periods? How often?

  • How do these impact your daily life?

  • What do you do to manage your OFF periods?

Please shoot these videos in portrait (vertical) mode on your phone.

These videos can be recorded in English or in another language, if you have a different language background. However, in the second case, since we are going to add subtitles in English, please provide us with a transcript of what you are saying, that we can translate into English

Thank you! Please send your testimonies or reach out for any questions to [email protected]