Off periods

Hi Everybody, hope you are all not too bad. I take three 25/100mg Sinimet Plus per day, but as each one only seems to last for four hours at best I have a lot of off period each day. What off period do other people have? I would really like to hear other people’s experience.



I started on the same dose as you and each one was wearing off after about 3 hours. My Parkinson’s nurse suggested taking Half Sinemet CR 25/100mg between the Sinemet Plus and this has been a massive improvement. My current regime is Sinemet Plus at 8.15am, 2.15pm, 7.25pm and Half Sinemet CR at 10.45am and 4.30pm.

Hi Singing_Gardener,

thanks for your reply. I will ask about Sinement CR. How do you cope when your 7:25pm Sinement Plus has expired? Do you sleep alright?


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Mostly I don’t have problems with sleeping at least until about 6am in the morning when I tend to wake up. Every couple of weeks though I do have nights when I really struggle to sleep and toss and turn for hours as I can’t get settled.

Are you saying one 125mg last for 4hrs if so this is brilliant as if you take 125mg say at 8am it takes half an hour to kick in so be on 8.30 am then you should take your next 11.30 am as it takes half an hour kick in so you then don’t get no off times so ie next dose 3.30pm and 7.30pm this will take you up till 10.30pm is so you can go to bed as then you should be wearing off as you don’t want to be on when you go to bed as your brain will be on and your have problems sleeping :sleeping:. If you have problems with moving around in bed then it might be time to introduce a cr ie controed release. As sinemet half 4hr on time but you have to give them half an hour to kick in then will start working, then start wearing of three and half hrs on time so keep you on take next dose half hour before you wear off .if there not working take longer to kick in then you could take entacapon these will make on time last longer with no side affects jerking dyskinasa but if you don’t suffer from this then you could think about upping your dose say 62.5mg but don’t take sinemet just before bedtime as you don’t want to be in the on time as you will be wide awake. Hope this makes sense. If you do suffer with dyskinasa then you could take to pd nurse about amandine this will help you say on but will control dyskinasa

I was given amantadine to help eke out the sinemet, I couldn’t decide if it was doing me any good or not, some days seemed better others not. Then becausse GP surgery is so poor I ran out of amantadine and have now decided it was causing confusion. Be cautious with it if you live alone,because it is difficolt to monotor yourself with it.